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Leeds PLASA Exhibitor Spotlight – The 2 Week Countdown Begins

The Leeds PLASA show is nearly upon us and here at Flightcase Warehouse we’ve officially started our 2 week countdown until we exhibit! (Stand N-B06 if you’re visiting the event). Whether you’ll be heading up North this May 9th-10th or not, here you can get the lowdown on some of the most exciting AV brands to exhibit this time round. Here’s our shortlist..

Chauvet DJ / Professional

Chauvet is a company that continues to impress us with its incredible array of professional lighting kit that has been embraced by a significant number of profs in impressively varied areas of event management and performance. Founded in 1990 by Albert and Bernice Chauvet, they have always promised and delivered development of pioneering concepts to market. Chauvet are the official sponsors of PLASA Leeds, and so they have an incredibly well pronounced presence here – which is well deserved. (Check out our Chauvet Professional flight cases here).

Roland are throughout the AV industry and we’re proud to work with them for a number of their protective and transportation solutions. Heralded as top quality manufacturers of not only quality AV equipment, but of many different products used throughout the music industry, they’re a true industry titan. Founded in 1972, in Osaka, Roland manufacture a huge line of pianos, amplifiers, guitars and even organs just to name a few of their products. They fit right in here at PLASA with their diverse catalogue, and prove once again why their brand is one that has not only stood the test of time but also grown to be recognised on an international scale.

Prolight Concepts Group

A member of the VIP list here at PLASA, the Prolight Concepts team have successfully grown their company into an international brand through the application of hard work and quality products since their inception on 1996. A UK based exhibitor just like Flightcase Warehouse, Pro Light Concepts have such a rigorous understanding of the needs in the lighting industry due to their MD (Andrew Jeffrey) harbouring a background DJ’ing. It was the lack of alternative products within the UK that led Andrew to starting up what would become the iconic Prolight Concepts Group.

Peavey Amplification:

Anybody and everybody within the AV industry are aware of Peavey and their incredible line of products that continue to shape and define musical landscapes today. Born in 1965, Peavey has since become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional sound equipment and musical instruments. Known for products including the Peavey 6505, a genre dominating amplifier head that has proven immensely popular with a great number of heavy metal bands, and the fantastic mini head series loved by big names and bedroom guitarists alike, Peavey will be a great presence at PLASA Leeds.

Audio Technica

Founded in Japan back in 1962, Audio Technica have since become a household name in state of the art audio equipment. It proclaims itself to be “devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment’, and is also committed to research – something we really admire. Audio Technica do not limit themselves only to professional AV equipment however, their products also include an impressive selection of microphones, and headphones that would please even the most discerning music fan.
And there you have it, our list of some of the must see exhibits here at PLASA in Leeds. Remember, if you do visit PLASA Leeds, and would like to learn more about what Flightcase Warehouse can offer to you in terms of protective equipment solutions, be sure to visit stand N-B06, or visit our website here.

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How Will VR Revolutionise Events for Professionals?

Recently, there has been a huge amount of excitement concerning VR (Virtual Reality). This incredible technology allows users and audiences (the two inexplicably combine with the magic of VR!) to not just watch a video, but sit in the middle of it, with the digital interface interacting in real time to motion.
But what can this revolutionary tech loved by millennials actually offer us in practical terms? In the past, we have glanced over the practical uses for these devices, but what are they really capable of?
Everyone is familiar with the most common use of VR – gaming of course! With the real time response that the VR headset achieves, it acts as the perfect virtual camera, moving naturally with the user’s eyeline and head rather than an artificial joystick or mouse. This alone is enough to establish VR as a lasting digital format but its functionality has been explored much deeper recently.
For example, it is possible (through an internet connection), to hold conferences with VR as the viewing/interactive element. With this technology, streamed conferences could be made a lot more interactive and personable, with each attendee able to take part from the comfort of their own home (and in the case of some of the bigger conferences, own country, as the trip can be quite significant to certain trade shows.) This digital attendance could be extended to a ‘periscope’ like experience through the use of 360° cameras. The VR user would be able to receive an almost identical experience to those physically in the crowd at minimal expense to both the VR user, and the event planning team. Amazing stuff!
This potential for virtual conferences and speeches could extend even as far as virtual trade shows, with exhibitors unable to attend the physical floor able to set up a virtual experience or store, where interaction is a lot more personable than it would be on a webpage. Of course, this is all in mind for the future, when VR is a lot more commonplace than it is today-but it’s all worth bookmarking for reference over the next few formative years. 
Then there are VR’s potential applications as a means to demonstrate your product, or draw people to your stand in trade show or any footfall environment. Instead of having product features explained to you by a salesperson, you could be shown precisely what the product does, how it’s made, its practical applications all whilst having your questions answered by an attendant. The novelty of VR will also be a draw, as many people will want to use one just for the experience alone. Note, the experience economy..
We cannot wait to see what VR will contribute and transform within the events industry. If you want to keep your VRR set safe, be sure to contact our experienced team for solutions that will see your experience offering or personal equipment staying safe for years to come.

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The Dangerous Impact of Poor Service

We have all heard the stories. Every single one seems to go; ‘I wanted to take my (insert incredibly expensive piece of equipment here) onto the plane with me, but I was forced to have it checked in. When I retrieved it after the flight, it had been entirely broken!’ All too often this is the tale we are told by fellow travellers, musicians or professionals who need to take their incredibly expensive gear with them for work.
The problem is, it’s now taken for granted. Many have now taken to (or are forced into) buying an extra seat for their luggage, potentially doubling costs and giving an extra injection of stress into any journey. Blame however, should also be cast on the quality of the cases that are used to transport this incredibly sensitive kit. Any flight case that cannot live up to its very namesake isn’t worth the materials that it is made of, and no matter what way you look at, is an inferior product.
And what if the equipment isn’t yours? Tour managers, event professionals, freighting and shipping companies – all remain responsible for whatever it is they are transporting, and these are professions where quality protective equipment is the difference between staying in business and becoming insolvent.
That is no exaggeration either; in the modern world of high paced communication through social media (an ever diversifying landscape), just one unhappy customer can have devastating effect on the rest of your existing base. It’s a respected fact that it’s a lot less expensive to retain your existing customers than it is to sign up new ones, especially if growing your customer base comes at a time when your existing ones have left you due to a very visible backlash on social media.
So, what you may not have considered is the recovery operation after the initial backlash. Once it goes public, an incident can have a lasting effect on your profits for a long time. There have been a handful of incidents recently that are perfect examples. Think about how much these brands will have to roll out in terms of PR in order to once again build trust in their product, whilst your bottom line takes a beating. However, clawing back your public image counts for nothing if the actual equipment that your company uses remains to be inferior, and unreliable.
This has a lasting effect on profits as well. A loss in existing customers means man hours, admin, meetings – its not just a one off PR bill or product cost. It is a strong and positive customer lifecycle management programme paired with quality products that is going to keep profit margins high, and allow you to undergo business drives that will eventually lead to success.
This is why the Flightcase Warehouse has striven to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality before they leave the workshop. Created in Britain, our experienced team of seasoned professionals have kept Flightcase Warehouse at the forefront of the protective equipment business. We also prioritise customer care; nothing is ever too much for our friendly team, and we ill look after you whether you’re an old friend or new arrival.
Our premium cases will make sure that anything you want to transport arrives in the exact same condition that it left – and our prestigious list of customers in all kinds of different industries and sectors can attest to that. Protect your bottom line by protecting your customers, and get in touch to see how we can help you today.

Posted by: Jase on the case on May 2nd, 2017 @ 10:47 AM
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