The Next Big Technologies Predicted In Aerospace Production

Aerospace and aviation have always presented manufacturing environments that harness the very best in technological development and innovative materials. As new ideas and science develop, the industry faces a rapid change that offers some of the most inspiring technology stories you’ll come across despite their challenging nature. This week, we’re looking at 3 of the biggest upcoming technologies that are set to make waves in future aerospace production.
3D Digital Printing
Not a completely new technology, but for those unfamiliar with digital printing it is the process of creating physical objects based on a 3D CAD design – without manual assembly. The finished article is printed whole using a specialist 3D printer and is being hailed as the next big way to reduce costs, increase production speeds and accelerate the introduction of next-generation prototypes into the market.
The actual technology behind 3D digital printing is pretty baffling – we’ve seen it put into layman’s terms as “chipping off tiny stones from a statue, only in reverse”. With the prospect of 3D printing materials soon to include metals, the notion of rapid engine fixes or spec-perfect part replacements a real possibility for aerospace engineers. The tech is pretty expensive, but it appears to be that investors are clamouring to find the best way to develop the equipment. A really interesting one to watch!
Unmanned Systems
By now, everybody has experienced some form of unmanned tech. Whether that be watching an event via a digitally programmed drone or checking out the latest driverless car developments on the news. Drones – or at least an awareness of them – is increasingly commonplace but the question is; how will this unmanned technology develop?
Many experts predict that in the future we’ll see unmanned aircraft as the standard in cargo delivery – allowing for an almost continuous importing and export that will benefit end user businesses and help reduce costs and increase flexibility for the carriers themselves. The questions of projecting this technology onto passenger air transportation is rather frightening at this point, but we have no doubt aerospace scientists will be keen to at least investigate how their technology could improve experiences and propel innovation.
Craft – to – Craft Communication
Leading on from drones, Craft – to – Craft communication is a developing method of how communicate with one another whilst in the air. The technology is based on the premise of transplanting air traffic control tower capabilities into the aircraft themselves via advanced digital technologies and AI sensors.
Although still in its infancy, Craft - to - Craft could bring about a whole new way of doing things in aerospace and aviation, also placing demand on the need for on-craft precision engineers, an increased amount of on board equipment and higher specification parts. New types of circuit boards, wiring and CPUs will all need to be factored into production and provisions made to keep these new and intricate tech pieces flight-ready.
Are you an aerospace or aviation specialist who requires protection for precision-engineered parts, essential anti-contamination kit and portable parts solutions? Get in touch with Flightcase Warehouse on 01827 60009 or email to find out how we can help you.

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Here’s the Hospitality Tech That’s Paving the Way for Innovation

The rapid rate of technological innovation is transforming a wide range of industries, from audio visual, to motorsport and even retail. One of the sectors that is really being elevated by digital development is that of events and hospitality, and this we’re taking a look at some of the tech that’s making waves for manufacturers, organisers, exhibitors, attendees and audiences.

Facial Recognition

The fact that social media integration is a staple of our society has been massively capitalised on (and rightly so) by event organisers and hospitality manages. Facial recognition tagging software on platforms such a Facebook makes it easy for images to be linked with and shared by attendees at functions and shows. This can help maximise visibility and have your attendees form stronger rational, and emotional, connections with your brand or event, thus increasing the chances of advocacy, the spread of awareness and repeat bookings.

Via complex software, it is now even possible to gauge user reaction without having to pull an attendee aside and ask a stream of questions, which at a certain moment in time, may be inconvenient for the attendee. Algorithms in facial mapping software can detect - via facial movements - whether positive or negative reactions, which is invaluable for marketing and future development. However, we do always recommended a good face to face chat to really get to know your audiences and help win their business or advocacy.

Display Technology

Signage is far evolved from the once-staple canvas banners and print outs. Event organisers, hospitality specialists – even retailers staging events are learning more about experience-enhancing smart screen technology, and the scope of opportunities it opens up for engagement, sales growth and data collection.

For example, interactive apps and games can engage an audience upon entering a venue or passing a booth at an event. Moving adverts can entice passing foot traffic in shopping centres, and colleges can utilise screens to enthuse students – whether current or prospective. Touch screen technology often means instant, easy access to more information, which is only a good thing when you’re wanting to educate your potential customers or source of growth!


RFID technology is opening up a host of new ways for hospitality and event managers to predict what is going to be their most popular feature at events, and allocate space accordingly. This is mainly thanks to the location tracking services that RFID chips can provide.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re hosting an event with an electronically mapped floor plan. RFID chips built into visitor badges can track users as they travel the event floor, and measure where they’re spending the most amount of time. After collecting results, event managers can then plan the next year’s event to correspond with the most popular attractions – leading to increasing footfall, popularity and of course, profit. (Just be sure that your data use and protection policy is watertight and you properly communicate with attendees on this matter).

Live Streaming

Nearly every type of hospitality, venue or event manager can find a use for live streaming. Matched with a suitable camera, a live feed can be a powerful tool in engaging an audience that may not be physically present or event act as more enticing advert than tailored marketing could. Wide pan shots of an event floor, a hotel view from a balcony are all powerful and shareable tools that can aid audience engagement and attract new business.

Do you rely on emerging technologies as part of your profession? If so, get in touch with Flightcase Warehouse. We can help with both varied off the shelf products and bespoke creations to ensure you get the very best protection and perfect-fit solution for your equipment. Call 01827 60009 or email to learn more today.

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Join Us With Fonix at ISE, Amsterdam Plus The Latest in Display Tech

In just a few days, ISE - the world’s largest AV systems integration show - will take place at RAI Amsterdam. The event, held from 6-9 February promises to inspire exhibitors and attendees alike with the very latest cutting-edge technology, products and solutions being produced for both channel and end-user professionals (all supported by an impressive programme of educational extras).

Our Managing Director Sam will be joining leaders in LED screen installation, curved screens, structures and AV production equipment, Fonix, at Stand 14-H100. Sam will be on hand to answer your queries, advise on flight case design and requirements and to showcase a small selection of our custom hospitality flight cases.

One of the most popular pieces of technology currently emerging and expected to take centre stage at ISE is digital signage – one of our stand partner Fonix’ specialities. Flightcase Warehouse just completed a large scale project for signage and display screen innovators, Giant iTab, so we very much understand the scope and demand for kit of this nature. Popular across a wide range of industries, in part due to its flexibility and customer-engaging nature, digital signage tech is currently changing the game in how we interact with audiences.

For example, in the retail sector, brands are finding that customers are more likely to respond to touch screen interface point of sale when looking for further information on a product or ordering an out of stock item than approaching a salesperson. This isn’t a negative comment on customer service though. It demonstrates that consumers in today’s world are constantly looking for experience over a product, and these digital platforms are providing exactly that.

The same can be said for the events industry. At ISE, we expect to see mountains of innovative examples to keep attendees engaged and to help create those memorable moments. Take emerging facial recognition technology, for instance. Although still under development, this software has the potential to map and track a visitor throughout an event or location and monitor their responses – demonstrating how to improve and deliver in different and more effective ways in the future. Creepy, or cool? You decide!

Of course, this is just one example of how digital signage is revolutionising the world around us. We’re now starting to see screen and AV technology combine to form fantastic digital environments such as virtual changing rooms and virtual reality experiences. Even we’re getting in on the action – keep an eye out for the Flightcase Warehouse rolling advert on the Fonix curved screens as you enter the RAI!

If you have requirement for protective kit to protect the technologies and gear you use to create these same events experiences, don’t hesitate to contact Flightcase Warehouse. With a range of different off the shelf and bespoke options available, our team craft the perfect protective solution for any piece of equipment. Just call +44 (0) 1827 60009 or email to speak with us.

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