The mondo*dr awards shortlist has been released.

The shortlist for this year’s mondo*dr awards has just been announced following a demanding initial entry selection period. The ceremony itself, which will be held during the flagship Prolight + Sound show at Musikmesse, Frankfurt, is less than one month away and with Flightcase Warehouse being proud sponsor of the Best Theatre award, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the esteemed finalists in this category. This week, we look at the first half of the shortlist, so check back next week to learn about the rest of the worthy theatres up for a gong.

The Koninklijik Theatre – Amsterdam

The Koninklijik Theatre in Amsterdam is widely known for its musical theatre, classical operas, plays and even concerts that grace its revered stage. It’s well known that performers consider it a true privilege to appear at the Koninklijik Theatre, which isn’t a surprise considering its stunning setup and iconic location. The venue is nominated for its recent wireless communication innovation which comprises a Freespeak II system combined with an Encore system, which functions to limit unwanted audio latency, interference or hum. Learn more about the Koninklijik Theatre here:

The Victoria Theatre – Halifax

This UK venue has a reputation for sensational experiences in ballet, family theatre and comedy, all housed in a setting rich with heritage (the 1,512 seat theatre dates back to 1901). The team here received a nod on the back of their new PA set up, based around an easily-concealed NEXO GEO M6 system which is capable of handling a diverse range of output styles. All sound is mixed using a flagship Allen & Heath dLive S5000 digital console too. Read more about the Victoria Theatre here:

Le Grand T – Nantes

Designed as an insulated staging area, the Le Grand T is notable due to the short distance between the front and the back row, allowing for an intimate atmosphere to be fostered between performers and enthralled audiences. This special ambience is the reason why the theatre has been shortlisted. Le Grand T trusts leading brands Sonowest and APG to deliver its unrivalled audio, with an upgraded front fill sound system which can handle large bandwidth, extended modes and full modes, ensuring the theatre hits the spot across the entire audio spectrum. Learn more about the Le Grand T here:

Eden Court Theatre – Inverness

With over 40 years of operation under its belt and more than a decade since the last refurbishment, the Eden Court Theatre has recently undergone an upgrade to its systems. The venue, which houses two auditoriums, two cinemas, two dance studios, conference rooms and a stage within the bar, has introduced a host of new technical features, including microphones by AKG, Shure and Sennheiser, and new lighting fixtures all tied together with a number of high capability consoles. Read about the Eden Court Theatre here:

La Perle Theatre – Dubai

The La Perle Theatre is an unconventionally designed space, with features such as curves in place of traditional straight edges and integrated water features – a challenging set of technical specifications for sure! The venue is nominated for innovative use of state-of-the-art speakers (including Galaxy 816 processors and 434 Meyer Sound UPM-1XP’s) hidden in the rear of the theatre to provide distortion-free sound and uniform directional control, and 3D projection mapping software that stretches across walls, seats and even the ceiling. Check out the theatre via its website here:

Aldwych Theatre – London

A staple of the London West End scene for over a century, the Aldwych Theatre is currently undergoing a renovation that will see the Grade II listed building brought right up to date with 21st century specifications and technology. As part of this project, the theatre has introduced Helixnet as a communications solution, which eliminates the need for large amounts of cable and subsequently frees up facility panels. This allows for comms packs and base stations to be easily deployed at a best-ever pace. Learn more about the theatre:

Aarhus Musikhuset – Denmark

Also known as the Aarhus Concert Hall, the venue is highly-regarded and stages over 1,200 events a year, entertaining up to around 600,000 people. A recent lighting development focused on an adaptable wash light solution has secured Aarhus Musikhuset a shortlisting in the mondo*dr awards - and deservedly so. The site has invested in Robe and purchased 78 Spider LED wash beams which allow for brilliant zoom range, flower effect colour quality and smoothness. Find out more from Aarhus Musikhuset at

The Victoria Palace Theatre – London

The Victoria Palace is an iconic name in the London theatre scene. It was purchased and refurbished by Sir Cameron Mackintosh specifically for a production of the record-breaking American musical ‘Hamilton’. A refurbishment totalling £50m worth of work was required to get the venue up and running to top standard for opening night, and a team worked relentlessly to ensure that 61 different theatre areas were all correctly draped in three layers of fabric, including a custom designed and dyed gold rope. Visit the theatre’s website for more information:

The Darlington Hippoddrome – Darlington

The Darlington Hippodrome recently contracted J&C Joel to design, manufacture and install a set of awe-inspiring professional drapes in order to create a convincing “bygone era” setting. This project was powered by a £4.5m grant, awarded to the venue to transform and regenerate their beautiful Grade II listed building. The drapes themselves are made from a red luxe velour that meets the BS5867 Part 2 Type B flame retardancy standard, with a front curtain measuring 5.15m metres wide with a drop of 6.30m. Read more about the theatre here

We can’t wait until awards night and to spend the evening (and early hours) with some of the best names, brands and innovators leading the entertainment in technology industry. It will be great to learn more about the projects that have earned themselves mondo*dr awards finalist status and to see what the judging panel makes of the entries too. Well done to all who have been shortlisted for the massive achievement so far!

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What’s On Our Motorsport Calendar This Year?

As a designer and manufacturer of protective equipment for the motorsport industry, Flightcase Warehouse finds industry events invaluable for learning about the compelling needs, product developments and upcoming challenges our clients will be inevitably affected by. Understanding exactly what’s making waves in the industry at large means that we can provide the very best product and service offering – and it’s also a great excuse for us to get out and about a few weekends a year getting up to speed with the must-visit motorsport shows! Here’s just three of the UK’s flagship events we’re hoping to work into our schedules over the summer months this year.

The London Motor Show: 17-20 May

The London Motor Show is the UK’s largest gathering of its kind, and for 3 days in May takes over the ExCeL in London. Exhibitors range from well-known manufacturers such as BMW, McLaren, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz and Bentley, and all bring their latest concepts to show off to the crowd. But it’s not just static presentations. The show boasts a ‘Live Drive Arena’ staging stunning, exhilarating driving displays from some of the world’s premier teams and the chance for visitors to get behind the wheel of a purebred supercar themselves, too. The event makes a point of being inclusive for motorsport fans of all levels and abilities, with Mercedes catering to underage drivers with their under 17s experience for those clamouring to get behind the wheel! Read more at

Carfest North: 27-29 July, South: 24-26 August

This event straddles two locations, one in the North and another in the South. Carfest itself is a celebration of motor engines of all kinds, as well as a family-friendly day out with music and entertainment to suit all tastes. As for the core motorsport events, you can expect hill climb courses, car club displays and vintage vehicle showcases to enjoy during the entire weekend, complemented by live music from iconic artists such as Billy Ocean and Jools Holland. You’ll also get that warm and fuzzy feeling from attending, with the event being in support of the Children in Need charity. Find out more

Goodwood Festival of Speed

The infamous Goodwood is a long weekend in Chichester offering the best in motor engineering from the Edwardian era right up to today’s advanced technology. The event brings together some of the world’s best famed drivers and of course, show-stopping cars, collectible memorabilia, themed art and rare literature, too. With a packed programme of races, thrilling rally car laps, a hill climb course, awe-inspiring supercar runs and special race featuring replicas of the Wacky Races fictional vehicles, Goodwood is a motorsport calendar date not to be missed if you’re a fan of anything from the history of the motor engine to the latest innovations to come from industry leaders. Read more

Do you or a business you work with require protective solutions for your specialist motorsport equipment? We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help with your next requirement. Flightcase Warehouse has fantastic motorsport credentials (check out for case studies) and a long history of working hand in hand with leading industry names to create the very best protective cases, custom made to precise specifications. We also offer a wide range of off the shelf solutions for everyday security. To request a quote or find out more, please call 01827 60009 or email

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The Essentials for Staging Events for An eSports Audience

Gaming is transitioning into a new and exciting period which is seeing it develop into one of the fastest rising spectator sports being viewed today. Much like more traditional football and rugby, for example, an ever-growing audience of loyal e-Sports fans are banding together to support teams and players the world over and in the process, boosting the profile of this genre of entertainment.

In the grand scheme of things, “eSport” is a relatively new concept and due to its reliance on technology, can present challenges in planning, producing, mounting and managing the events it generates. So, what exactly does an events professional have to consider as essential when staging a tournament or competition for an eSports gaming crowd?

Live Streaming Capability

Rather than conventional television network coverage, eSports is all about live streaming. Games reach the screens of audiences via platforms such as Twitch, ensuring that viewers (and revenue-generators) are not region-locked or stuck behind a paywall. This is a really attractive concept for digital advertisers, who have a potentially limitless reach and therefore potential for a fantastic ROI on ad spend. Event organisers themselves can also work hand in hand with advertisers to control exactly what audiences see – both during the gaming and through strategic advertising – therefore being effective in building the eSports network.
However, event professionals will need to ensure that all servers used to handle the streaming are capable of taking the strain, and that the video capturing software and hardware streams HD video (and audio) seamlessly. Top of the line equipment and experienced users are therefore absolutely key to an eSports event’s success. (Also consider how captured footage can be repurposed by selling on to advertisers for trailers that generate buzz around future events in this growing industry).

Engage Your Audience

Just like any other spectator event, the enthusiasm, engagement and loyalty of your audience can be made or broken by the capability, knowledge and ability of the event commentator team. By making sure that your guiding voices have the spark required to draw in new online audiences and retain existing fans, you immediately increase your chances of staging a successful event that promises future opportunities for your events business with eSports brands.
This also goes for sponsorship. Many professional eSports teams and gamers are in partnerships with well-known sponsors and funding around your event has to align with and appeal to target audiences. Therefore when organising an event consider doing your research and approaching key brands that will elevate your eSports event profile, and working with them as part of event management roll out.


This won’t be a new concept to event professionals, but gaming events aren’t just about the gaming itself! Special effects, professional-grade lighting and spectacular audio is all essential in creating atmosphere amongst competitors and crowd of fans – with build ups often comprising stunning pyrotechnics, smoke machines and dancing spotlights. LED walls and projected HD video are also incredibly important, with their purpose of displaying up-to-the-minute stats, ads and a gameplay streams. Event professionals will here work with accomplished lighting, sound and audio teams to deliver an eSports tournament to remember.

Do you work in events and are thinking about moving into the eSports sector, or are you already exploring this fast-moving area of events? Then consider Flightcase Warehouse your first call for heavy-duty, custom-made protection that will keep your valuable live events equipment safe during storage, transit and use. We even specialise in integrated eSports flight cases for the most streamlined and secure protective kit for your gear. Call 01827 60009 or email to learn more.

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