New DJ Controller Flight cases from FCW


New DJ Controller Flight cases from FCW

Just arrived DJ Controller Flight Cases from KamKase

Numark, Denon, Pioneer, Traktor.

Kamkase are a leading manufacturer of Flight Cases for all applications. All Kam Flight cases are designed in the UK and built using the best available materials. If you choose a KamKase you can be assured your equipment will get the protection it deserves.

Our sales team is always on hand to discuss your requirements if this Kam Flight case does not suit your needs.

7mm Smooth black laminate board
Removable Lid
Full touring spec fittings
Sliding laptop shelf fitted
Foam lined
Gap at rear
Front panel for access to controls and headphone sockets

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Rally Cars, Global Brands and Iconic Music – The Latest From Flightcase Warehouse

Flightcase Warehouse has recently worked on a number of real head-turning projects for some inspiring customers – and we wanted to share a few of our favourites from the last month with you! All 3 of the below projects were proudly designed and manufactured at our Staffordshire workshop following a close consultation from the client. Check out our Intsagram here for the latest projects live as they’re signed off!

Rally Car Protection for Viking Motorsport
How often do you see a flight case for a car? It's all part of the day job here at Flightcase Warehouse! One of our more recent projects saw us build a vehicle-sized protective case to transport a rally car for motorsport brand Motorsport. Our team built a reinforced steel base to ensure a secure environment for such high-value cargo paired with specially designed locking systems. We’re really proud of this one – a truly unique project that will travel with the Viking Motorsport team throughout their tour of the USA this summer! Best of look in your competitions, Viking.

Presentation and Personalised Storage for Converse
It’s not just UK clients that we work with – Flightcase Warehouse recently undertook a project with the Netherlands Head Office and Factory Store branch of global lifestyle brand, Converse. Our totally bespoke road trunk-style flight cases were fully branded with stylish black engraved Converse logos and featured custom-made, elevated inserts for enhanced display capabilities, storage and protection. The trunk cases serve a dual purpose of industrial-style display units and clever protective solution for storage and transit. An eye-catching visual statement perfect for the Converse brand.

Transport and Storage for Stevie Wonder Tribute Band
Another recent and exciting bespoke project saw Flightcase Warehouse constructing a case that could safely transport the entire lit backdrop for a Stevie Wonder tribute band. The case features a unique interior racking system that securely lodges the individual letters in place as they are stored or transported to different gigs across the country. See our Instagram for some brilliant pictures featuring the “STEVIE” illuminated letters, right there in our workshop.
We’re constantly working on bespoke projects and can’t wait to reveal what’s coming next. Until then, if you’re looking for a creative protective solution for your kit look no further than Flightcase Warehouse. No job is too big or too small, and we ship to literally anywhere in the world. Visit our website, send us an email or call us on 0800 6121 7097 for more.

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The Road To Becoming an F1 Driver

Right now it’s peak season to be a motorsport fan. A whole host of races and shows are being staged, taking advantage of the summer climate, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix is in full swing. A packed calendar is certain to be inspiring the next generation of star drivers (and many more will be dreaming of what could have been). With this in mind, this week we’re looking at what it actually takes to become a F1 driver and if you’re up for it, how you can get involved with the action!
So. What’s step 1? The short answer is; ‘Be Young’. We’re sorry to potentially throw a spanner in the works so early on, but the vast majority of current F1 drivers got their start in go-karting championships and leagues when they were very young. Within the UK, kids as young as four can begin their career on the track with fellow young karters.
Karting isn’t just available to kids though – all ages can get involved, with different strengths of engines, sizes and track variations becoming available as the years pass. There are all kinds of associations, clubs and guides available to help any who want to get involved with karting. Don’t be shy about contacting your local body if you, your child or a young person you know are interested!
If you feel too old, or have moved to the top of the karting world though, it’s time to step up what is called the ‘Racing Ladder’. It works exactly as you may suspect, with each level of the ladder involving more powerful engines, longer and more complex circuits, and a better calibre of racer.
For youngsters around the age of 15 it can be (relatively) straightforward to enter the new Formula 4 league. One of the precursors to Formula 1, Formula 4 (as you may expect) makes use of smaller engines (namely the 1.6L ford ecoboost engine), and has been proven as an effective launching pad to many racers, hailed as a brilliant stepping stone between carting and Formula 3. 
There are other pools young drivers can enter to make a name for themselves (the GP series a worthy contender), but Formula 3 is the next big step towards the drivers seat on a Formula 1 grid.  With less technical restrictions than Formula 4, Formula 3 cars are a lot more powerful, scaling up alongside the age of the drivers – with more teams and an international presence to boot.
Stepping up again means entry to the more exclusive Formula 2. With V8 engines, the cars are a cut above the likes of any below them on the racing ladder, and it is from these ranks that most of the famed and admired Formula 1 drivers are selected. Each step on this ladder offers its own thrills, with opportunities for younger drivers (or even budding support engineers) offered to those who can gain entry to them.
The unfortunate fact is that if you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re that bit too old to begin a full-blown F1 career. That’s not to say all hope is lost however. There are always support roles to be filled if you want to work more closely with the cars – but what options are there for those who want to race?
You could always look into an experience day, getting taught how to drive a professional level racing car, or even participate in a track day with your own vehicle. Alternatively, you could look into local racing leagues and clubs, with many options available for budget, or hobbyist racing. Satisfy your craving to race by supporting your local tracks, clubs and meet ups, and who knows where you could find yourself if your racing skills put you ahead of the competition.
If you do decide to take part in some racing for yourself, and are worried about tool control and precise maintenance, Flightcase Warehouse can help you out. With an incredible selection of products aimed at the motorsport industries, our protective solutions have been used by some of the biggest brands in the sector to keep gear completely safe and uncontaminated. Visit our website to view our motorsport flight case selection, or for a bespoke solution call + 44 01827 60009, or email us directly.

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3 Tricky Situations You’ll Recognise If You’re A Sound Engineer

A career many of us dream of having, but not one so easily achieved. Once you’ve reached professional level as a sound engineer, whether in live or studio environments, you take on a job that although unquestionably rewarding, has its own unique set of challenges. At Flightcase Warehouse we work closely with sound engineers and below are just 3 of the situations we hear time and time again! Work in the industry and have anything to add? Let us know! (P.s, this article was actually written by a musician!)

1.    (Some) musicians live to make life harder than it has to be
Live engineers suffer this pain too, but it’s mainly reserved for the talent in the studio. Mainly stemming from the fact that pretty much anybody can rent themselves a few hours in a recording studio (as well as your time, if they appreciate an expert input), many sound engineers have swapped cringe-worthy stories of the misguided, misinformed musician that can walk into the recording booth.
Sound engineers have inevitably heard the following: ‘Don’t worry, I tuned last night before I got here’, ‘these strings were fresh on last week, they’re ready to go!’  Or the inevitable ‘I’m almost ready, just let me warm up first’. More often than not, these tiny niggles can be dealt with in either a few minutes but it’s not the severity of the infraction; it’s the number of them.
We’ve also heard that that when a musician isn’t finding fault with their own performance, they’re finding fault with your mix. Many first-timers in the studio (or even the more seasoned musician) have never heard a genuinely professional mix and are thus questioning your every technical, informed move. When engineers have sank hours of hard work into equalising a mix and then you are asked to use more plugins, or scoop the mids, or even change their recording through effects, it’s hard not to scream.

2.    Unexpected live performance hiccups

Those engineers that make their way out on the road will get this more than most. This side of sound engineering is perhaps the most unpredictable and varied concerning the problems that occur, and professionals will attest to the fact that shows have a way of throwing up problems that manifest at the worst possible moment.
For example, how many front of house engineers will be happy with their levels and ready to make sure the show goes off without a hitch, only to have to quickly readjust everything thanks to heavy rain, unexpectedly high levels of noise from the crowd, or even equipment choosing that very moment to pack in and break?
Whilst these are things you accept as part of the job, it can be harder to grin and bear it when that occasional random audience member fancies a go at critiquing your setup. Whether they decide to stand next to your desk all night offering advice, requesting you make changes to the mix or suggesting what they’d do, it’s just something that every sound engineer has to deal with from time to time!

3.    A sharp learning curve when you’re starting out
Starting out in sound engineering can come with a tough initiation, which will pay off with massive benefits as you make your way in the professional industry. If you’re new to the game or thinking about pursuing sound engineering as a career, it might help you to know that we’ve been told that every pro who has sat behind a desk is guaranteed to have made a few mistakes during their career.
A common self-inflicted hiccup we’ve heard about many times is to do with the adjustment and fine-tuning of an audio channel. Sometimes trainee engineers will work on a channel or hours on end with repeated playbacks and tweaks, only to find that the channel was in fact bypassed (good news though – your ears did not deceive you!) Then there are the countless unplugged wires, software issues and unrepeatable mistakes that led to an even better sounding mix that all beginners will experience on the path to professionalism.

Get more from your kit with Flightcase Warehouse
If you’re a sound engineering professional, we know that your valued kit is your lifeblood and absolutely essential to the success of whatever event or project you’re working on. Working closely with those in the industry for over two decades, Flightcase Warehouse understands exactly what is required to keep you kit safe in transit, storage and even use. Whether you need protective, clever storage, a heavy-duty transportation solution or even something special that only you can imagine, Flightcase Warehouse can create and supply to your exact spec. Visit our website to view our wide off the shelf range of flight cases, or email us to talk over our totally bespoke Pro Flightcase service.

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Incorporating AV In Any Business To Drive Sales

AV surrounds us more and more in our daily lives, but have you ever put serious thought into how you could use it to help your business grow? Flightcase Warehouse works with scores of AV professionals and knows first-hand the wonders that these experts can create at pretty much any live event you can imagine. Let’s not just leave it at that, though. Company execs and marketing teams listen up – here’s how business-centric audio visual tech can power up your enterprise and make you money! 
Got a bricks and mortar store? Pair innovative POS and AV touch screen technology to boost customer engagement whilst keeping intrusiveness to a bare minimum. By incorporating information within an interactive touch screen display (be it tablet, video screen or interactive wall), studies have shown that customers feel much more at ease when browsing and more connected with your brand. What does this mean for sales? Well, customers are more likely to request further information or buy due to info being readily available and not having a pressurised sales pitch by staff.
The interactive experience doesn’t stop there. Virtual reality has become increasingly popular with the general public, and the opportunities it presents to potential customers are astounding. For example, web camera technology combined with virtual reality software can create anything from virtual changing rooms, immersive destination exploration, live action play of gaming or test driving a car. Ideal for both in store or in the sales showroom. Talk to your web developer about integrating with your website for even better e-commerce conversion rates.
Moving away from in-store focussed tech applications – trade shows and exhibitions present a prime place for AV to shine. If you’re looking to increase footfall to your stand, you pretty much can’t beat show-stopping, cutting edge interactive tech to draw in the numbers. Something even as simple as a LED display or a rolling soundtrack can turn heads if used correctly; but experiences such as ever popular VR headsets can go a long way in helping you make the most from your exhibition investment.
Got some AV kit yourself or want to ensure that your upcoming venture is kept safe and secure, performing to its very best for the longest time possible? Talk to Flightcase Warehouse about protective solutions and also any advice we have for AV profs.Visit our website, contact us via email, or call us on 01827 6009.

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How To: Where To Start When Choosing Your Flight Case

Have you ever looked at your kit and thought that it needs – or deserves! – something more from its protection? A solution that’s custom designed and personalised to fit your exact spec of gear, perhaps?

Flightcase Warehouse understands that the complexity of conceptualising, sourcing and manufacturing protective cases that are bespoke (down to the very last bolt!) can be an overwhelming task. Taking the decision to entrust a manufacturer with the invaluable tools of trade can also be daunting, even if you know an investment in custom kit will be well worth it for years to come.

So, how do you even start when going about commissioning a custom flight case? You’ve probably heard about Pro Flightcase – the bespoke service exclusively from Flightcase Warehouse. Our skilled team pairs expert, hands-on craftsmanship with the very latest in production technology to deliver the highest quality, most creative and best fit flight cases money can buy. Whether you’re in live entertainment, touring, AV, lighting and sound, sports, hospitality, motorsport or manufacturing (the list goes on, just talk to us for more), Pro Flightcase can help.

You’ve realised that your equipment warrants a unique protective and transportation solution and are ready to take action. Here’s how you get started turning that idea into a reality.

1.    Brief

Begin by emailing or calling our Pro Flightcase team what you need; it’s that simple. Whether it’s only a larger road trunk, or an all in one high tech storage solution, we will be in touch to chat through an overview of the project, capturing all the technical details. Once checked and signed off by you, we get to work in our 50,000 sq ft workshop with your spec in hand.

2.    Measure

If you’re happy with our terms for a project then you must measure your equipment precisely. If you’re not sure how – don’t worry, we have a measuring service available because accuracy is key.

3.    CAD

This is the point where you get to step back from the project, as our engineers use specialist CAD software to design the ideal solution to your protective problem in a digital environment (in addition to putting expert pen to paper if needed!). We use the latest technology coupled with our own bespoke CAD software to ensure that your project receives the perfect outcome. Once finished, the design is back to you for sign off.

4.    Cut

Now we start to build! Once you have signed off on the design we begin manufacturing, utilising Pro Flightcase precision production methods (such as a multi head CNC), as well as being armed with our ever-innovative selection of tools to ensure that when we assemble, your product is of unbeatable quality.

5.    Assemble

Our warehouse accommodates multiple production lines, including cutting, foam, spray booth and finishing departments, guaranteeing that your Pro Flightcase project is completed entirely in house. We don’t outsource, and your order is only handled by a team that you can trust. 

6.    Dispatch

Once finished, we test your product extensively – rigorous quality control is the only way to ensure that your solution is perfect – and then it’s shipped. (We deliver anywhere in the world, with incredibly quick lead times). A Pro Flightcase Project can be complete in just 2 weeks from quotation.

The service is virtually limitless, as is our creativity. The Pro Flightcase team has worked with giants such as BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Pirelli, Mercedes, BskyB, Samsung and MTV to name a few, in addition to literally thousands of industry brands.

And this is where our Pro Flightcase team really excels, lasting protective solutions that you may not have thought possible before talking to our engineers. If you would like to find out more from Pro Flightcase, please don’t hesitate to email or call us (+44 (0)1827 60009) to find out what we can offer you in the way of total protection.

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Why Drones Are Here To Stay

Drones are, like it or not, playing an increasingly bigger part in both our work and everyday day lives. Whether they are now an integral part of your job, you’re an enthusiast, or you are just interested in the medium, let’s take at some of the different ways drones are becoming integrating into our world.

The first and most obvious application of a drone is as a camera. Whether you want to film panoramic views of the landscape, follow your friend as they complete a difficult mountain bike or ski course, or even garner images for general ordnance, the scope of drone types available suited to film on the modern market is incredible. Possibly there most famous and well used feature, camera drones way well see more use in sectors such as construction or law enforcement thanks to their proven reliability in fields like media, artistry and live events.

Another use for drones that is being introduced is as a lighting unit. Whilst unconventional, it is feasible that a drone equipped with a spotlight for example, could be wirelessly paired with a stage performer. From here, the drone could bathe its target with light free of user control, allowing for a greater amount of freedom behind the lighting desk. A great example of this in entertainment is from the 2017 superbowl where superstar Lady Gaga utilised LED drone to create a spectacular backdrop that could move and adapt in real time to music, light waves and changing patterns. Drones really could change the way live events are handled!

Then there are the functionality and flexibility aspects of drones. We’re seeing artists employ drones as a means to paint onto walls that would typically be too high to paint without the use of time constraining and expensive scaffolding. Using a drone as a remote controlled or programmable paintbrush is a high tech solution to an artistic challenge.

Logistical problems however, are where drones excel. Many different distributors are now taking to exploring the possibilities of having drones on their delivery team and what this would mean for their lead times and availability. has famously being researching and slowly beginning the rollout of drone-lead distribution, and it may not stop there. Driverless lorries, driverless cars and even hover-drone taxis (yes, really!) are all being researched by big industry-leading names, prompting the question “what’s next” from these versatile machines?

The last use of drones is admittedly, a childish one but looks to be a lot of fun. We’re talking about drone racing – picture super-quick hovering robots flying around a track racing each in a flurry of activity that you’d only see in the 21st century.

Whatever use you’re thinking of putting your drone too, Flightcase Warehouse can help keep your valuable kit safe, secure and in prime condition. We manufacture a specialist range of cases especially for drones, which are available online ready-made. If you have a more specialised requirement we can design and deliver bespoke creations from our Pro Flightcase service. Just contact us today.


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Summer Festival Rundown

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that festival season is almost upon us! We at Flightcase Warehouse love to support these great weekends out, and enjoy nothing more than knowing that our products help the event professionals who work tirelessly to deliver these spectacular events to you. With Radio One’s Big Weekend about to launch the festival season, we have compiled a list of some of the other most prominent festivals within the UK that you can enjoy this year.

1)    The Isle of Wight Festival
Taking place on the Isle of Wight itself, the festival has roots that date back to 1968, undergoing a revival in 2002. The festival features an eclectic mix of acts, with artists from genres ranging from hard rock to pop, and many more scattered throughout the stages for the entirety. Winner of ‘The Best Family Event’ 2015 as well, this is a perfect festival to take your whole family along too-including kids, making for a perfect weekend where the whole family is entertained. And, with such big names as Fleetwood Mac and The Who headlining, you know that you are bound to have a fantastic time.

2)    Bestival
Whilst Bestival may not boast the icon studded line up the likes of Glastonbury or Download can shout about, Bestival has carved its place within the British festival scene nonetheless. This is thanks to the Dorset based weekends penchant for being an eclectic experience and what it lacks in massive headliners it makes up for with its incredible and well-designed specialised areas. The ambient forest for example is a professionally lit, meditative sound filled forest scene that is guaranteed to chill anybody out. Taking place from the 7th until the 10th of September, and with acts like Dizzee Rascal and Rag’N’Bone man to look forward to, Bestival is one for those who like to tread a little off the beaten path.

3)    Download
Download is the biggest name in rock festivals within the U.K. Held at Castle Donnington, the festival takes the place of ‘Monsters of Rock’ which was relaunched in 2003 as Download. With a history of booking some of the biggest names in rock and metal and an ardently supportive fan base, Download is one of the most popular festivals within the U.K. This year, Aerosmith, Biffy Clyro and System of a Down are all headlining the main stage, which promises to be a weekend of spectacle as well as incredible music.

4)    Creamfields
Celebrating the best that Electronic and Dance music has to offer, the Daresbury located festival will this year be held from the 24th of August until the 27th. Creamfields has long been known as the U.K’s festival of choice for anybody who loves dance music. Winner of the UK Festival Award for Best Dance Event and the UK Festival Award for Best Major Festival, it deserves all of the recognition it receives.

5)    Glastonbury
Whilst nigh impossible to receive tickets, Glastonbury is possibly the biggest name when it comes to British Music Events ever, possibly even one of the biggest names worldwide. This year will see Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran all headline the incredible pyramid stage, and combined with the rest of the prestigious artists already announced, promise to deliver an unforgettable set. Much like many other festivals there will be extensive coverage of the acts on television and the internet, so be sure to go online and stay up to date with everything happening throughout the weekend!
These are just a few of the biggest festivals happening in the UK this year, there are many for catering to all different spectrums of musical taste. We at Flightcase Warehouse are massive supporters of the summer festival, and if there is any way that we can help your event go off without a hitch, then contact us on 0800 612 7097, email us, or visit our website.

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FCW Blog May 2017

The Upcoming Red Letter Days in Motorsport 

The Spanish Grand Prix has just ended, and what a fantastic weekends’ worth of racing it was. Summer is always a brilliant time for motorsport and with spring drawing to a close, we’re now looking ahead to what’s going to be keeping us entertained on the track next month too. Here’s a pick of some of the biggest motorsport events on the upcoming calendar, and why we think they’re worth the watch. 

The Monaco Grand Prix (25th – 28th May):

Obviously, this is a big one. Described on the official Formula One website as ‘distinct from the sport from which it was born’, the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of the Formula One enthusiast’s year, with a track that has been for years the pinnacle of technical testing. With overtaking ‘next to impossible’ qualification is more important than ever in the Monte Carlo circuit, which has remained largely unchanged since its place in the 1955 championship due to its demanding layout. This is all without mentioning the prestigious location in which the race takes place, with Monte Carlo being not only a great spot for F1 fans but anybody who was lucky enough to get tickets!

The Isle of Mann TT (27th May – 9th June):
A departure from the four wheel fun that takes such a large place on this list, the Isle of Mann TT is the red letter event when it comes to displays of superbikes and their speed. With the drivers of these bikes reaching speeds of up to 200mph on a course that is host to sharp bends, jumps and solid stone walls, any spectator will be impressed with the nerve that these drivers display when they are gunning for first place. The Isle of Mann comes alive for the event, with lots to do even outside the race times, making the TT an incredible few weeks for any fan of superbikes, speed, or motorsport in general.

Goodwood Festival of Speed (30th June – 2nd July):

Taking a step back from the competitive nature of motorsport, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a celebration of the sport as a whole. With an incredible host of cars on display, from classic to super, it’s the perfect way for any petrolhead to spend the long summer weekend. There will also be air displays and a number of famous faces at the show as well, for those who want to keep the action light. It’s not all slow and steady though, with the famous hill climb pitting some powerful machines against each other and a rally stage that will see a hair raising course through the woods, all against the clock.
Le Mans 24 Hour Race (17th 18th June):

The 85th occurrence of the world famous race that tests endurance just as much as ability, the Le Mans endurance race is renowned for displays of incredible driving and fantastic

engineering. One of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’, the Le Mans 24 hour race has inspired countless other events of a similar nature, including both a classic car and a superbike version! Many automotive giants use the Le Mans endurance event as an opportunity to test out the latest in their technology, so any spectators want to be on the lookout for exciting new features and models!
Remember, for any of your motorsport or engineering needs, Flightcase Warehouse stock and design products specifically to keep your engine and tools completely safe. Whether you’re just a beginner, or a complete professional, our flight cases will ensure your kit stays in racing condition no matter the circumstances. Get in touch to find out more, or visit our website to view our extensive range of stock! 

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Get Set For PLASA Leeds – Doors Open Tomorrow!

PLASA Leeds opens its doors in less than 24 hours. Although the wait seems like an eternity, our excitement hasn’t been dampened in any part, and we can’t wait to set up stand and open up Flightcase Warehouse to the scores of visitors forecast to descend on the Royal Armouries tomorrow.
We know that it can be a tough job visiting exhibitions – what with so many brilliant brands, innovative start-ups and industry giants to get through. So to help you along, here are just a small selection of the lighting and sound brands that we’re looking forward to be sharing the floor with this 9th – 10th May.
Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath is a leading designer and manufacturer of mixing desks for live sound, permanent installation, DJs, broadcast and recording studios. With a history spanning almost 50 years, the company was part of the first wave of ‘great British Mixer companies’, and hand built mixers for many of the era’s top brands. Today, Allen & Heath’s mixer range can be found in clubs, studios, and houses of worship across the globe, and accompanies many of today’s touring acts, including Bring Me The Horizon, Fifth Harmony and Morrissey.
Martin Audio
Martin Audio was founded in 1971, with a vision to enable bands to play to larger audiences and be properly heard for the first time. The reputation of Martin Audio speakers grew quickly and soon the brand was producing world class touring systems for the super groups of the day, including Pink Floyd, The Who and Supertramp. Today they continue to enjoy an international reputation for supplying award winning professional loudspeaker systems across the whole spectrum of live sound and installation applications.
Ever since electrical engineer Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company in 1945, Sennheiser has been continuously setting trends in the audio industry. Right up to the present, the brand’s innovative inspiration, curiosity and passion have made its products and services immensely successful. Sennheiser headphones, microphones and all-round audio solutions are used by artists, DJs, pilots, scientists, sound technicians and music-lovers all over the world.
Penn Elcom
Penn Elcom Ltd is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of flight case, speaker, cabinet hardware and racking solutions. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Penn Elcom maintain a catalogue of over 3000 specialist hardware solutions, in addition to extensive custom-manufacturing capabilities. Penn Elcom hardware serves a wide and diverse range of industries, and can be found in the products of countless brands across the globe - including our very own flight cases.
Avolites are renowned for producing some of the very best control solutions for all aspects of the professional lighting industry. Originally founded in 1976, the company has focused on and listened to end-user feedback to continually develop and evolve its product range throughout its 40 year history. As a result, today’s Avolites products enjoy a reputation for accessible, intuitive and hands-on familiarity alongside market leading capability.
If you’re visiting PLASA Leeds, and would like to learn more about what Flightcase Warehouse can offer to you in terms of protective equipment solutions, be sure to visit stand N-B06, or visit our website here.

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The Dangerous Impact of Poor Service

We have all heard the stories. Every single one seems to go; ‘I wanted to take my (insert incredibly expensive piece of equipment here) onto the plane with me, but I was forced to have it checked in. When I retrieved it after the flight, it had been entirely broken!’ All too often this is the tale we are told by fellow travellers, musicians or professionals who need to take their incredibly expensive gear with them for work.
The problem is, it’s now taken for granted. Many have now taken to (or are forced into) buying an extra seat for their luggage, potentially doubling costs and giving an extra injection of stress into any journey. Blame however, should also be cast on the quality of the cases that are used to transport this incredibly sensitive kit. Any flight case that cannot live up to its very namesake isn’t worth the materials that it is made of, and no matter what way you look at, is an inferior product.
And what if the equipment isn’t yours? Tour managers, event professionals, freighting and shipping companies – all remain responsible for whatever it is they are transporting, and these are professions where quality protective equipment is the difference between staying in business and becoming insolvent.
That is no exaggeration either; in the modern world of high paced communication through social media (an ever diversifying landscape), just one unhappy customer can have devastating effect on the rest of your existing base. It’s a respected fact that it’s a lot less expensive to retain your existing customers than it is to sign up new ones, especially if growing your customer base comes at a time when your existing ones have left you due to a very visible backlash on social media.
So, what you may not have considered is the recovery operation after the initial backlash. Once it goes public, an incident can have a lasting effect on your profits for a long time. There have been a handful of incidents recently that are perfect examples. Think about how much these brands will have to roll out in terms of PR in order to once again build trust in their product, whilst your bottom line takes a beating. However, clawing back your public image counts for nothing if the actual equipment that your company uses remains to be inferior, and unreliable.
This has a lasting effect on profits as well. A loss in existing customers means man hours, admin, meetings – its not just a one off PR bill or product cost. It is a strong and positive customer lifecycle management programme paired with quality products that is going to keep profit margins high, and allow you to undergo business drives that will eventually lead to success.
This is why the Flightcase Warehouse has striven to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality before they leave the workshop. Created in Britain, our experienced team of seasoned professionals have kept Flightcase Warehouse at the forefront of the protective equipment business. We also prioritise customer care; nothing is ever too much for our friendly team, and we ill look after you whether you’re an old friend or new arrival.
Our premium cases will make sure that anything you want to transport arrives in the exact same condition that it left – and our prestigious list of customers in all kinds of different industries and sectors can attest to that. Protect your bottom line by protecting your customers, and get in touch to see how we can help you today.

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How Will VR Revolutionise Events for Professionals?

Recently, there has been a huge amount of excitement concerning VR (Virtual Reality). This incredible technology allows users and audiences (the two inexplicably combine with the magic of VR!) to not just watch a video, but sit in the middle of it, with the digital interface interacting in real time to motion.
But what can this revolutionary tech loved by millennials actually offer us in practical terms? In the past, we have glanced over the practical uses for these devices, but what are they really capable of?
Everyone is familiar with the most common use of VR – gaming of course! With the real time response that the VR headset achieves, it acts as the perfect virtual camera, moving naturally with the user’s eyeline and head rather than an artificial joystick or mouse. This alone is enough to establish VR as a lasting digital format but its functionality has been explored much deeper recently.
For example, it is possible (through an internet connection), to hold conferences with VR as the viewing/interactive element. With this technology, streamed conferences could be made a lot more interactive and personable, with each attendee able to take part from the comfort of their own home (and in the case of some of the bigger conferences, own country, as the trip can be quite significant to certain trade shows.) This digital attendance could be extended to a ‘periscope’ like experience through the use of 360° cameras. The VR user would be able to receive an almost identical experience to those physically in the crowd at minimal expense to both the VR user, and the event planning team. Amazing stuff!
This potential for virtual conferences and speeches could extend even as far as virtual trade shows, with exhibitors unable to attend the physical floor able to set up a virtual experience or store, where interaction is a lot more personable than it would be on a webpage. Of course, this is all in mind for the future, when VR is a lot more commonplace than it is today-but it’s all worth bookmarking for reference over the next few formative years. 
Then there are VR’s potential applications as a means to demonstrate your product, or draw people to your stand in trade show or any footfall environment. Instead of having product features explained to you by a salesperson, you could be shown precisely what the product does, how it’s made, its practical applications all whilst having your questions answered by an attendant. The novelty of VR will also be a draw, as many people will want to use one just for the experience alone. Note, the experience economy..
We cannot wait to see what VR will contribute and transform within the events industry. If you want to keep your VRR set safe, be sure to contact our experienced team for solutions that will see your experience offering or personal equipment staying safe for years to come.

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Leeds PLASA Exhibitor Spotlight – The 2 Week Countdown Begins

The Leeds PLASA show is nearly upon us and here at Flightcase Warehouse we’ve officially started our 2 week countdown until we exhibit! (Stand N-B06 if you’re visiting the event). Whether you’ll be heading up North this May 9th-10th or not, here you can get the lowdown on some of the most exciting AV brands to exhibit this time round. Here’s our shortlist..

Chauvet DJ / Professional

Chauvet is a company that continues to impress us with its incredible array of professional lighting kit that has been embraced by a significant number of profs in impressively varied areas of event management and performance. Founded in 1990 by Albert and Bernice Chauvet, they have always promised and delivered development of pioneering concepts to market. Chauvet are the official sponsors of PLASA Leeds, and so they have an incredibly well pronounced presence here – which is well deserved. (Check out our Chauvet Professional flight cases here).

Roland are throughout the AV industry and we’re proud to work with them for a number of their protective and transportation solutions. Heralded as top quality manufacturers of not only quality AV equipment, but of many different products used throughout the music industry, they’re a true industry titan. Founded in 1972, in Osaka, Roland manufacture a huge line of pianos, amplifiers, guitars and even organs just to name a few of their products. They fit right in here at PLASA with their diverse catalogue, and prove once again why their brand is one that has not only stood the test of time but also grown to be recognised on an international scale.

Prolight Concepts Group

A member of the VIP list here at PLASA, the Prolight Concepts team have successfully grown their company into an international brand through the application of hard work and quality products since their inception on 1996. A UK based exhibitor just like Flightcase Warehouse, Pro Light Concepts have such a rigorous understanding of the needs in the lighting industry due to their MD (Andrew Jeffrey) harbouring a background DJ’ing. It was the lack of alternative products within the UK that led Andrew to starting up what would become the iconic Prolight Concepts Group.

Peavey Amplification:

Anybody and everybody within the AV industry are aware of Peavey and their incredible line of products that continue to shape and define musical landscapes today. Born in 1965, Peavey has since become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional sound equipment and musical instruments. Known for products including the Peavey 6505, a genre dominating amplifier head that has proven immensely popular with a great number of heavy metal bands, and the fantastic mini head series loved by big names and bedroom guitarists alike, Peavey will be a great presence at PLASA Leeds.

Audio Technica

Founded in Japan back in 1962, Audio Technica have since become a household name in state of the art audio equipment. It proclaims itself to be “devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment’, and is also committed to research – something we really admire. Audio Technica do not limit themselves only to professional AV equipment however, their products also include an impressive selection of microphones, and headphones that would please even the most discerning music fan.
And there you have it, our list of some of the must see exhibits here at PLASA in Leeds. Remember, if you do visit PLASA Leeds, and would like to learn more about what Flightcase Warehouse can offer to you in terms of protective equipment solutions, be sure to visit stand N-B06, or visit our website here.

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What Really Happens In a F1 Pit Stop?

Flightcase Warehouse works closely with towards mechanics in the motorsport industry, so we know that every single category of the sport requires a dedicated, passionate and highly skilled support team in order to achieve the results that are so highly sought after. To highlight the hard work of engineers down on the track, we’ve researched what a typical 30 second pit stop looks like for the top F1 teams in the industry.

Whilst an F1 pit crew will consist of a large team of mechanics, no single member is specialised in a single role. Typically, the members of the pit crew are handed out their duties based on their physical abilities. For example, the members of the crew in charge of the jacks and lifting the F1 car will be stronger than the other members of the crew so that the tyre workers (usually the more nimble members of the team) are able to work quickly, attainting the rapid turnaround that is so important. Like a well-oiled machine, one could say.

It may seem a little odd that these highly skilled mechanics are assigned their roles based on their physical attributes; however, the regulations are incredibly strict on what can and cannot be used in the pit stop. For example, the crew may not use a powered device to lift the car at any point during a race-instead the car has to be raised manually. Hence the stronger team members being assigned to jack duty.

The F1 car will roll into the pit lane adhering to the pit-lane speed limit (failing to do so can incur a cash fine as well as time penalties), and will stop in the designated area. This area is the only place in which a car can be worked on during a race, and the crew may not improve the grip of it at all aside from sweeping or drying. Once at a full stop though, the crew leap into action.

The car is raised up, and the tyres are replaced with blinding speed with the aid of tyre guns, each one specifically tailored to a wheel on the car. Once the tyre gunner has completed loosening the tyre, a second pit member will completely remove it before a third replaces the wheel with a fresh one. Whilst this is the main objective of the pit stop, there are other pit crew members stood by in case they are needed.

For example, the pit crew manager is in charge of the lollipop, which designates when it is safe for the driver to exit the pit area. The manager oversees the whole of the pit process, and it is only with his say so that the car is lowered, freed and allowed to leave. Then, there are other members of the crew who are on hand to either remove debris from the chassis of the car, clean the driver’s visor, or attend to any other possible needs that the driver or head mechanic may have.

Once the job is done though, the crew must return to their designated garage, as they are only allowed to be in the pit immediately before the pit stop takes place. This kind of quick and well-practised teamwork is incredibly impressive, and we at Flightcase Warehouse know that a good team needs to be supported by a trustworthy arsenal of tools. To keep your delicate instruments and power tools safe, visit our website to view our diverse range of motorsport specific flightcases, or email us to find out what special projects we have done in the past, and the bespoke options available! 

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FCW Blog 06/04/2017 – Equestrian Events

Upcoming Equine Sport Days Out We Can’t Wait For!

Summer is almost here, and we at Flightcase Warehouse are really looking forward to the plethora of different and exciting equine events that take place across the whole of the British Isles. We know the Grand National is always huge, but what else is there to get excited for in the coming months?

The first big day to look forward to is the Royal Windsor Horse Show, held from the 10th until the 14th of May in the spectacular grounds of Windsor Castle. Celebrating not just the standard horse racing events, the Royal Windsor Horse Show combines history with contemporary sport, as visitors can expect to see traditional derbies and rally with horse drawn carts, parades, and even equine based equipment and vehicles, all on display throughout the stunning grounds. There will also be a massive variety of stalls and exhibitors, who represent some of the most influential and ground breaking tradespeople in the equine industry today. This is a brilliant event that’s perfect for anyone interested in horses; further information can be found on their website

The next red letter day in in Equine sport is the Royal Ascot (20th – 24th June), showcasing the best that Flat Racing has to offer. Held in the prestigious Ascot Racecourse, everyone has heard of the Royal Ascot, and the grand days out it holds. Celebrating equine sport in style, with a packed day full of different events for various age groups, which culminate in an awards ceremony. Whilst the racing itself is enough to fill anybody’s day, there are also elaborate displays, film reels, food stalls and exhibitors to visit. To find out more about this year’s events, or how to qualify in the future, visit their website here.

The Longines International Horse Show is another exciting event planned for the 25th of July until the 30th at Hickstead. The show boasts of its long standing history, as well as its status as the official Horse Show of The British Horse Society, with Her Majesty The Queen as its patron. All of this means that Longines International Horse Show promises to be an incredible event, with all kinds of different equine based activities and competitions planned. Naturally, the show plays host to a number of international riders and will see Show Jumping, Racing, as well as Polo and Dressage to enjoy. More information about Longines can be found here, on their website.

These however, are just three of the many events planned for this year- there are more to explore and be inspired by. Remember, Flightcase Warehouse has a range of different products available for the equestrian enthusiast, including bespoke options to fit your every need. Any size or specification you need we can create; in the past we have made huge models with compartments that take care of the needs of both horse and rider complete with personalised engravings. Visit to shop our range, for more on bespoke, or call 01827 60009 to speak to our friendly team.

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FCW Blog 03/04/2017 – Musikmesse Spotlight Ahead of Opening Day!

Musikmesse 2017 is just a few days away, and we can’t wait to see what the industry brings to the exhibition floor. Here’s another 5 exhibitors we’re most excited to see in Frankfurt this year!

PMI Audio Group
PMI Audio Group is a professional audio company based in Gardena, California. Established in 1979, PMI specialises in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for recording, video, post, film, broadcast, and the fixed installation markets. The Group’s brands include: Studio Projects, Trident Audio Developments, Joemeek, Toft Audio Designs, Tonelux, and Valley People. PMI Audio Group pride themselves on offering service and equipment modifications in house, and incorporating the latest testing equipment and technology available.

Yamaha Music Europe
Yamaha Music is of the biggest names in the musical instruments, professional audio and audio-visual sectors, and an internationally leading brand. Founded over a hundred years ago, the prestige and high quality of Yamaha’s products reflects years of accumulated technical expertise and skilled craftsmanship. Yamaha will be taking centre stage this year with a huge and exciting program set for Musikmesse, with live acts, demonstrations and presentations showcasing their latest products.

Dunlop Manufacturing
Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer of electronic effects, picks, capos, slides, strings and other musical instrument accessories. Dunlop was founded in 1965, and operates from Benicia, California, where the company has developed many famous and innovative products such as the ‘Cry Baby’ wah and ‘Tortex’ picks. With state of the art manufacturing processes and support from top musicians including Jerry Cantrell, Marcus Miller & Zakk Wylde, the brand is now branching out into the string business, and plans to further grow its lines of picks, capos, slides, and stompboxes.

Korg Inc
Another international giant, Korg is a leading global manufacturer of musical instruments, DJ and Production Tools, music software and musical accessories. Since its foundation in Japan 1963, the company has lead the way with unique instruments and innovations. Korg follows a philosophy of creating innovative and uncompromising instruments – maintaining a level of quality that inspires professional artists and creators, yet is approachable enough for anyone to play.

SAE Institute
The SAE Institute is one of the world’s leading creative media institutions. With a wide and diverse selection of specialist vocational courses covering Film, TV, music production, engineering and business, and an international presence spanning 54 campuses in 28 countries, SAE prides itself on a distinct model of hands-on learning, and a strong focus on industry and global engagement. Many SAE graduates have gone on to become renowned digital entrepreneurs, musicians and artists, with the institute’s alumni including Oscar, Grammy and BAFTA recipients.
If you want to get in touch with us, meet us for a chat at Musikmesse, or are interested in purchasing flight cases, email us at, or call 0800 612 7097. To find out more about our cases, visit for off the shelf solutions or for

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FCW Blog 23/03/2017 – Musikmesse Spotlight

Our Musikmesse Exhibitor Spotlight!

It’s that exciting time of year again. The music and live entertainment industries are already deep into exhibition season and show no sign of slowing the pace. Take next month, for example. Musikmesee, one of Europe’s biggest music and production visual trade shows, will take over the Messe exhibition centre in Frankfurt, Germany. This year Flightcase Warehouse are thrilled to be attending this behemoth of an event ourselves. In anticipation of jetting over to Germany, we’ve been checking out the exhibitors and would like to share some interesting info about some of the companies we’re most excited to meet.

Orange Amplification
Orange Amplification is a British manufacturer of  guitar amps that first appeared on the scene back in 1968, and since then has carved out a name for itself as a premier manufacturer of quality amps and effects pedals. Their signature orange casing has set them apart in a market dominated by plain colours, and always signifies something special-whether it be the powerful sound put out from their mini terror range, or the quality of the cabinets that only compliment their sound. Orange have also began online guitar teaching course, aimed at learners of all ages.

Sonar Drums
A European musical giant, Sonar produce of quality percussion, with a wide range of different drum kits and sets available. Sonar pride themselves on their meticulous attention to detail, and how the incorporation of modern technology into their production has not affected their core values as a manufacturer. A company with a rich history, Sonar show no sign of slowing down, having recently developed and released new products for general sale, and exhibiting at the very high profile NAMM show.

Nord Keyboards
Scandinavian brand Nord Keyboards has operated out of Sweden since 1983. Electronic keyboards are constantly changing, and Nord has managed to keep abreast of the ever evolving marketplace with interesting designs and cutting-edge technology. A brilliant way we’ve noticed Nord to have kept in an innovation-heavy marketplace is through its creation of different sound patches and libraries - and the ability to download them directly from the Nord website. Handy!

Presonus are key players in music production and it’s no secret why. They produce top quality mixing desks, speakers, monitors, control surfaces and more, plus the clever software needed to use them. The Presonus team pride themselves on their love of music. In fact, their products are built from the heart of the USA in Louisiana – a state famed for its electrifying musical culture and inspiring sounds.

Experts in all things speakers, Finish company Amphion are your go to guys for fantastic quality kit that’s as good for professionals as it is in the home. They have a huge amount of customer feedback attesting to the quality of their products audio, as well as a brilliant level of customer support. Customer care plus great quality is definitely a winning combination for us!

If you want to get in touch with us, meet us at Musikmesse or are interested in purchasing flight cases, click for our off the shelf cases or for our bespoke, custom made service. For anything inbetwee, please email and a member of our team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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The Importance of Touring – And How To Make It Count

With a recent live music revival, musicians are having to deal with a schedule that is so tour heavy, it’s becoming hard to keep up. This is due to the most traditional and conventional method of generating revenue for a band or artist (releasing an album/single) not presenting the financial gain it once did, and the real money being made when out on tour - face to face with the fans.

Concerts and shows becoming the money makers for live artists. This is hardly surprising. The music loving market is craving an experience that goes beyond the simple download and go format that consumption has morphed into. So, there is a higher demand for bands to perform in a wider range of venues and sell an increased amount of merchandise, rather than the traditional (and much simpler!) album releases.

That’s not to say all music releases are falling flat. Vinyl sales are actually increasing, as consumers look for a physical form of media that is worth the price when compared to the convenience of digital music (plus there is always the nostalgic element to consider). So, how can performing artists make sure that their show is one that will keep their fans returning when they come to town?

One way to make sure your show stands out is by conveying the emotion of your music visually, to trigger a more illicit and visceral response from the crowd. This is a good idea because, despite your music sounding different, and having different auditory themes, a visual cue is easier to interpret by the audience, so a change in lighting or backdrop could go a long way in creating atmosphere.

This leads nicely into the importance of having an incredible lighting rig and technician. Lighting enhances the mood at any show and making the most of it is paramount to creating a memorable event. Exciting cues and triggers coupled with spectacular colours and different light units will help you achieve the ambience that you want for your performance. Whilst a top level lighting rig (and a technician who knows how to use it) may not be within everyone’s budget, just making use of what is available at a venue could be the difference between standing out amongst your fellow artists, or blending into the background.

Finally, one of the most important things to bear in mind when on tour is that your equipment is your livelihood, and if you take care of it, it will take care of you. Keeping everything you need safe for the duration of time you are on the road is vital if you want to make an impression on a large, possibly international scale. That’s why we at Flightcase Warehouse create the best quality flight cases on the market, road ready and custom made to your specifications. We can ship anywhere in the world, and no piece of kit is too much for our Pro Flightcase service, offering quality, British made bespoke craftsmanship. For more information, visit, email us here, or call 0800 612 70097.


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FCW Blog – Motorsport March 2017

FCW Blog – Motorsport March 2017

Self-driving Cars – The Motorsports Technology Leading the Way

Throughout their history, motorsports have played a major role in pushing the boundaries of vehicles, making them faster, stronger, lighter and safer. When new technologies and innovations are introduced to the competitive racing scene, they often find their way into the mass market over time, as they become less expensive, more refined and safer in the hands of a non-professional driver.

Pioneering new technologies in motorsports first not only allows for improvements to be made to the technologies themselves, but provides an opportunity for manufacturers to spread awareness of the new products, gauge public interest, and make them more marketable.

Many of the features we take for granted in today’s every day road vehicles were first pioneered in Formula 1 before seeing mass market production. This includes anti-lock braking, traction control and semi-automatic transmission, as well as new materials such as carbon fibre, now seen in most high performance production cars. In recent years, the professional racing scene has played a major role in developing environmentally friendly driving solutions, testing hybrid engine technology, as well as pioneering electric vehicles through the lesser-known Formula-E series, Formula 1’s electric-only sibling.

As more car manufacturers are looking to develop safer self-driving technologies, it comes as no surprise that in 2015, Formula-E announced the introduction of its first autonomous motorsport, ‘Roborace’. Described as a "competitive platform for the autonomous driving solutions that are now being developed by many large industrial automotive and technology players", Roborace could lead to huge advancements in both self-driving technology and for electric cars.

Rather than building their own cars, as in traditional motorsports, Roborace teams develop autonomous driving software to run on pre-built vehicles. Roborace’s first self-driving racer - the ‘DevBot’ – was introduced in August last year, and is currently being used as a test car for the development teams to work on their software. Unlike the competition cars, the initial test model features a cockpit which allows a driver to take control if required, and enables teams to understand how the car feels and reacts in real-time on the track.

Roborace will play an important part in not only developing autonomous vehicle technology, but in improving the public perception of driverless cars. The start of this month saw the unveiling of the first competition ‘Robocar’, which features a more futuristic design than the DevBot, with no cockpit and clean, sweeping lines replacing the more angular traditional look.

Roborace’s first public race has yet to take place, with the previously planned test run at the Mobile World Congress being put on hold due to delayed parts. However, there are plans for further devbot demonstrations to take place throughout the current Formula-E season.

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Event Production Show

EPS is upon us, and we here at Flightcase Warehouse wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our fellow exhibitors here at the show that have impressed us with what they brought along

ADI T.V Stand OS3
ADI TV are a company that continue to amaze us with their innovative outlook and approach to huge, event scale LED screens. From creation to installation, ADI are consummate professionals, with their products being incorporated in some of the largest events that Britain (and many overseas countries) hold, such as film premiers, music festivals and concerts, and a huge variety of sporting events, including the World Gymnastics Championships, the Silverstone Formula One GP and the Six Nations contest. Boasting that they are the home of the world’s largest mobile LED screens, they are a red letter name to keep in mind when it comes to broadcasting your event to a massive audience.

2) SRD Group. Stand E11E
The SRD Group are a company at the forefront of supplying and managing the production elements of events, with over twenty years’ worth of experience under their belt. Providing everything from A.V, sound services, staging and lighting, the SRD group are a multi-talented company who have a solid handle on what they do. They have an impressive history as well, with their previous events even including the launch of the Ferrari F430 and a host of awards shows. 

3) MJ Lights Stand F12E 
MJ Lights are a Cardiff based production service that specialise in event lighting, with ‘over 130 moving lights, 250 LED Based Fixtures, 300m of trussing, a huge range of generic lanterns together with the latest control equipment and wireless lighting technology.’ They have an impressive list of previous events as well, with Ellie Goulding, Funeral for a Friend and Adam Ant amongst their previous collaborations. Their services don’t stop here though, with their expertise extending to exhibitions, television and even film. They also offer bespoke services, which is a fantastic option for everyone in the event production industry, because it means you can get exactly what you need.  

4) Stagecraft U.K. Stand B44E
Another event production company, StagecraftUK are responsible for putting together events such as the Pro Retail 2016 Trade Show, the NAPFM Conference and Insomnia 59, the U.K’s largest gaming festival. They have over 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry and show no signs of slowing down, rolling out new departments such as their ‘Dry Hire’ service. They are based in Telford,        and own an 18,000 square foot warehouse filled with their own production equipment, which is very impressive indeed! 

5) Arcstream Stand F18E
Arcstream are a company that strive to keep themselves at the cutting edge of Audio Visual and Sensory experiences. They can boast of collaborations with incredibly high profile clients, such as Coca Cola and Sony, and with the MD having 30 years of experience within the industry, it’s not hard to guess why. Their equipment roster is as equally impressive as their prestigious clients, with holographic displays, interactive walls, floors and tables, and even VR options available to clients. Based in Surrey, Arcstream are a company that are certainly worth watching, if only to see how they harness the latest technology for better events.

This year’s Event Production Show is happening between March 1st and 2nd at the Olympia, London – we hope to see you here! Interested in purchasing flight cases or want to get more information on what we do here at Flightcase Warehouse? Click for our off the shelf cases or for our bespoke, custom made service. 

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Event Schedule

We here at Flightcase Warehouse have got a really busy event schedule, and we wanted to take a moment to talk about the various different shows we will be exhibiting at in 2017!

Fresh from the amazing PLASA focus show in Glasgow, we are headed to ISE Europe from the 7th-10th February. It will be held at the RIA in Amsterdam, so you can imagine how excited we are to be participating amongst so many different brilliant contributors to the industry. With the show featuring a Drone Arena that promises to demonstrate the latest applications and technologies within drones (and how they can be applied best within the industry), as well as a special Russian Market Event that will provide in depth information on how to expand into Russian export market. ISE is going to be a very interesting and rewarding event!

The following month we shall be attending the Event Production Show at the Olympia in London. Taking place on the 1st and 2nd of March. The Event Production Show is ‘the leading event for the U.K’s live event sector’. We are proud to be included on such an impressive list of exhibitors, who all contribute a great deal to the production world. We are also anticipating some very interesting presentations on subjects such as event security, future event trends and even upcoming technology that is going to reshape the Event Production landscape.

In April, we are going to take part in Musikmesse, at the Messe Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. Musikmesse is going to be on from the fifth to the 5th-8th, and promises to be a very inspiring weekend. Musikmesse is a gigantic international trade fair for musical instruments and music production (amongst many other areas of the music industry), and our flight cases will be on display amongst some of the most prestigious names in music! As well as the exhibitors, Musikmesse promises a range of concerts and events, including specially designed guitar and drum arenas, where you are encouraged to try out new products and can receive master class sessions from renowned musicians.

The 9th-10th of May sees us exhibit for one of our favourite organisations PLASA, this time at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. PLASA events are always a pleasure to attend, and if our time with PLASA taught us anything it’s that we can expect not only fantastic settings and company from other exhibitors, but also a very warm reception, with incredible feedback on our products from those in attendance. PLASA also boast a diverse range of seminars (Glasgow was packed out) and the Riggers Forum, which always offers helpful information and news. We exhibit again from the 17th until the 19th of September with PLASA at their show at the Olympia in London.

Flightcase Warehouse will be present at the Showman’s Show at the Newbury Showgrounds in Berkshire, on the 18th and 19th of October, which is a brilliant, expansive show featuring a huge variety of exhibitors all involved in Outdoor Events. It promises to be a great exhibit and we can’t wait for more details to be announced on its seminars and events!

Autumn will see us at BPM Pro also, at the NEC on the 22nd and the 23rd October. Boasting the best in DJ and Studio Sound and Lighting, news and innovations, we are incredibly proud to be exhibiting alongside these professionals, and are looking forward to more details being announced as the show gets closer! We had a very successful 2016 show, and hope to repeat it this year!

This was just a quick rundown of the trade shows and events that Flightcase Warehouse are going to be a part of, so if you require any more information, want to schedule a meeting at an event or want to learn more about our diverse range of protective cases and equipment, feel free to call us on     
0800 612 7097 or email

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Equestrian sports; where to start

There is such a wide variety of sports available to play these days that it can be overwhelming when you want to get into a new hobby. When you add equestrian sports into the equation though, beginners can be completely thrown off the trail. Here is a quick guide for those who want to be more involved with equestrian sports, but haven’t a clue where to begin.

The first thing any beginner needs to learn are the basics. Just a quick google search on things like horse riding clubs or groups near you that can accommodate and teach you how to begin to ride. Some of these clubs will be able to provide you with the safety essentials like body armour and a helmet, although if you are serious about your commitment, it’s always a good idea to buy equipment that is adjusted and perfect for you.

 Nobody needs to own their own horse to begin to ride, but it is the specialist training and experience that will see you paired with the right mount that will earn you the best results. Anybody can learn to ride a horse, with many different options available to all enthusiasts regardless of age or disability.

Once you are familiar with riding, you may want to move into a specialised area of equestrian sport. Dressage for example, may not be the highest speed of events, but it certainly is the most technical. With the riders and horses both judged equally on things such as rhythm, harmony and even things like the colour of your hat! Dressage is an incredibly competitive sport, and is prominently featured in the Olympics during the Grand Prix, as well as in the Paralympics as Para-Equestrian Dressage.

Para Equestrian Dressage is ridden in exactly the same way as its able-bodied equivalent, with only the complexity and intricacy of the course modified based on the participants classification of their impairment. A good place to get started, and to learn more about how to compete in Dressage is through British Dressage, the main controlling body of all Dressage events.

Another popular equestrian sport that everyone should be familiar with is Show Jumping. Show Jumping is a staple at the Olympics, as well as many other equestrian events, and the premise is very simple; ride your horse around the course jumping over obstacles in the fastest time, with time penalisations received for any obstacle hit. Show Jumping is an incredibly popular sport, with different levels of difficulty available to literally anybody who wants to participate (like dressage, disability is not an issue).

Your local riding club should be able to help you learn, and even point you in the direction of some competitions to get you started! Alternatively, visit British Showjumping for more information, the official site of all things show jumping.

These are just a few examples of equestrian sports available to compete in, there are so many more to choose from and enjoy. Horse riding is an activity anybody can enjoy; from children to adults, at any level of competency or disability, it’s an incredibly inclusive activity. Contact your local Horse Riding club or group near you today to start, or visit The British Horse-riding Authority website to search for group’s local to you.

Remember, Flightcase Warehouse have a range of different products available for the equestrian enthusiast, including bespoke options to fit your every need. Any size you need we can create; in the past we have made huge models with built in wardrobes for both horse and rider, to protect all the Dressage accessories that need to be taken on the road!

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The importance of lighting on a large scale show

These days, larger productions have so many dazzling elements included it can be harder than ever to make your show stand out above others, let alone Saturday night prime-time behemoths. Light fixtures and their dynamic use can make the difference between a huge attendance or viewing figures, and being cancelled almost immediately. Whilst set design and special effects are all very important (as is audio), lighting is the key to creating drama and atmosphere on a stage, and it all begins very early on in the production process.
Producers, directors and lighting professionals start with intense meetings months before the show is due to take place, where every aspect of the live event is planned out meticulously.  Once the meetings are over and the show is on the road however, production really does begin to speed up. Live tours for example are by nature hectic and fast paced. Many production elements do not survive the rigours of the road, and when beginning its new tour cycle equipment is vigorously tested. The X-Factor for example is a modern day colossus in terms of production efforts alone, and its live tours are no exception. Before every tour, there is a huge (around 17,664 square foot!) arena hired for rehearsal purposes, where all equipment can be tested extensively.

Once all faulty, damaged or outdated equipment has been replaced or re-hired, any staples the show may be known for are perfected, and then it’s time to try out any new ideas. LED strobe panels for example have recently become a very popular addition to many live shows, with the wash light feature allowing for it to become a part of the set, rather than another conspicuous production element. Implementing these modern fixtures offer an ability to revitalise any long recurring tour; surprising the audience visually is a guaranteed way to keep interest in your show high.


For the X-Factor, looking to the future is incredibly important. The live tour that precedes the studio show has to match the brand aesthetic, and this can be quite difficult to do in time with the busy schedule demanded by the show. If the set cannot be ostentatious then, it is up to the lighting and special effects team to pack the extra punch. One of the production heads on the X-Factor has been quoted as saying ‘The (fixtures) slice through stage lighting to bring an almost architectural look to whole picture and often serving to pull the artist out from the backdrop ensuring they remain the focus of visually busy shows. (Fixtures) Can also be called upon to create dimension and structure to the huge arena shows such as X Factor.’


Lighting is really not to be underestimated. Under the supervision of a great lighting designer, any show can transform itself into the pinnacle of live or televised events through its use of lighting. Whether you are out on the road or mounting a static production in a studio, the right equipment is bound to make a difference in how your viewers receive your work.

To learn how to keep your fixtures and other production pieces safe, visit Featuring a great range of UK manufactured flightcases (and similar products) that are designed in house specifically for lighting kit, we also offer many other bespoke solutions for any production transportation requirement. Having proudly worked with the BBC, BskyB and ITV, we know how to handle large scale productions, an

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Pre Order Your Guitar Case Today

Christmas is a time for giving, so as a special gift and festive thank-you to our valued customers, we're now taking pre-orders on Spider guitar cases for 2017 delivery. 

Select from a fantastic range of guitar cases and order today for shipping January 12th. If you have any questions about specification, or to find out about our bespoke service, contact our team on 01827 60009 now!

What can you pre-order?

Acoustic Cases

Our exclusive Spider brand cases are designed to keep your acoustic guitar safe from everything from scratches to hard knocks. Pre-orders are available on the
ABS Jumbo and Dreadnought hard cases. 

Electric Cases

Shaped cases that are guaranteed to turn heads without sacrificing security. Available hard cases include the
Gibson SG Type, Aluminum Universal and Gibson Les Paul, with compatibility for all Stratocaster and Telecaster types.

Bass Cases

Cases equipped with high quality fittings, built with reliable materials, and secured with a key-lock. The range includes the
ABS Hard Case, Universal and Universal Deluxe


Not what you're looking for? If you have something more specific in mind, why not check out our bespoke Pro-Flightcase service?

We can build a custom case to your exact specifications, with a range of materials, stylings and extra features to choose from. Pro-flightcases can be fitted with precision to the shape and dimensions of your guitar, making them the perfect solution for protecting vintage and custom gear.

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Our MTV EMA Flightcases

Flightcase Warehouse Meets MTV

Last night, the biggest stars of the music world took to the stage in Rotterdam for the annual MTV EMAs.  Wanting to top off a night to remember with a totally unique memento, MTV asked Flightcase Warehouse to create custom flightcases that'd make the ideal gift for VIP guests. Packed with goodies and stylishly designed, our one-off cases fit the bill perfectly.

Custom Made for MTV

Our bespoke flightcases presented a Souvenir EMA Award, microphone and not one, but two pairs of Évos headphones. We finished the case in true star-studded fashion with branded engravings, LED lighting and a pull away glass panel signed by the celebs themselves!

The big winners of the night

Chart-topping juggernauts Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga both claimed two awards during the night, whilst 20 year old Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix also won two trophies. Other EMA winners include British pop act Little Mix, Canadian hip hop artist Drake, teen Swedish newcomer Zara Larsson and alternative US two-piece outfit, Twenty One Pilots. The ceremony itself paid tribute to the late music icon Prince, with the EMA trophies being turned purple – the artist’s signature hue.

Feeling inspired?

If last’s night’s celebrations have you inspired, we’d love to hear about it! Our team of friendly experts are always ready to work on your projects – and not just whether you’re in the music industry! Whether you're looking to upgrade existing kit, audit your flightcases for 2017 or need an entirely bespoke solution - make Flightcase Warehouse your first stop. Simply call 01827 60009

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Pro Flightcase – Six Steps to Protection Perfection

We can’t believe that it’s already been two months since the launch of Pro Flightcase - our bespoke service for custom-built flightcases. Pro Flightcase has already proven to be somewhat of a game-changer for our customers and we’ve been delighted to see its popularity spread across a diverse range of industries, including retail, audiovisual, lighting and sound, motorsport and equestrian.

Pro Flightcase combines the best of our team’s knowledge, skill, passion and practical understanding to deliver quality on budget and on time. Every Pro Flightcase goes through our six-step process, taking it from briefing and planning right through to delivery.

And don’t forget, each step offers customisation to your exact requirements – meaning that your valued kit is guaranteed to always find its perfect fit.

1. Brief

You provide us with your requirements – simply call, email or visit us at our Tamworth site and let us know what you need. We then use this information to produce a detailed overview of your flightcase, which we then give back to you for sign off. We won’t make a move until you’re happy.

2. Measure

Measurements are critical for any flightcase. It’s important that you know, rather than guess; to ensure you have the correct measurements, we provide you with both our measuring service and expert advice. We measure twice, cut once.

3. CAD

Your case is designed in a state of the art CAD environment. We use the latest software available - Solidworks and Alphacam, in addition to our own bespoke CAD software. We then present the design to you and request your sign off before progressing with the build.

4. Cut

We continually invest in new equipment, ensuring that your flightcase will be cut using the latest production methods and technology. Our cutting process uses a multi-head CNC alongside precision aluminium and foam cutters to ensure clean and accurate cuts throughout your case’s panels, fittings and inserts.

5. Assembly

With 2 production lines, 28,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and departments specialised to handle each aspect of the assembly process, we’re able to provide some of the fastest build times in the industry.

6. Dispatch

Once assembled, your flightcase will undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure it meets all of your requirements. After we have received the final sign off, the case will be packaged and dispatched. We’re able to deliver anywhere, and offer a range of couriers to choose from.




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Road Ready Cases: Back by Popular Demand!

Due to popular demand, Flightcase Warehouse is once again stocking Road Ready Cases.
Road Ready manufactured cases are built for the long haul and are seriously tough. Constructed from a rugged 9mm vinyl laminated plywood with a tongue-and-groove fit, these cases offer a structurally strong and damage resistant protective solution that will handle whatever the streets throw your way.
Road Ready cases feature a host of features designed to offer maximum protection for your gear, including:
-    Industrial grade rivets, hinges, corners & latches for rock-solid structural support
-    Heavy duty castors, low profile wheels and rubber feet for easy mobility and to prevent ‘road rash’
-    Shock Mount suspension system to absorb blunt trauma
They’re also packed with convenient solutions tailored to musicians to make your set-up and tear-down quick and easy, such as:
-    Hide-away pull-out handles for efficient storage during transit
-    Hinged and removable front and rear panels for hassle free access
-    Integrated storage compartments to store your cables and accessories
-    Pick and fit z-lock foam customised to the shape of your gear
-    Cable ports with back plates for convenient cable routing

Here’s what Road Ready have to say:
“We do one thing and we do it well. We don't waste time making cases that don't last. Our bad boys are built for the rigors of the road. Built to take a pounding - day in and day out - and look good doing it. That's our calling and we take it seriously. We know you invest a lot of money in your gear and need the toughest protection around - period.”

Need a Road Ready case? We’re the ones to supply it!
Click here to check out our Road Ready stock!

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Flightcase Warehouse – Music Industry

Live music is bigger than ever in the UK – the last 5 years have seen festival and concert sales become a headline act in the leisure industry, with 2 in 5 Brits attending a live music event in 2015 and spending an estimated £2.1 billion between them.
And for today’s bands living in a world of free online video, music streaming services and diminishing record sales, touring is becoming an increasingly important source of fresh promotion, income and connecting with audiences.

However, taking your gear out with you on the road can be stressful. Flightcase Warehouse has worked with a long line of music industry buffs from touring bands to production aficionados, so we know that even on the best of days, professional equipment can be expensive to insure, difficult to repair and often impossible to replace.
The constant setting up, tearing down and travelling between shows can also be intense and hard-wearing for your kit (and at times, you!) so we know that anything that helps keep your operation at full throttle is a win.
Whether you’re an emerging artist or a chart topping act, it’s essential that you have protection you can rely on to keep your equipment safe and secure while up on the stage, out on the road or at home in the studio. This is where we come in.

Flightcase Warehouse has over 20 years of experience manufacturing serious protection for musicians and technicians just like you.
Our flightcases have joined performers and producers on tour across the globe, and are built to withstand everything life on the road can throw at them. This allows you to focus on what matters most: the music. Here’s what Flightcase Warehouse does best:

Safety:We use the highest quality materials, and inserts personalised to your gear to keep it extra-safe and secure during transit and storage.
Reliability: Our products travel across the globe and they don't let down. They're durable, hard-wearing and fit to withstand all of the demands of life on the road!
Branding: We brand our flightcases with your logo, getting your name out there, whether you're setting up stage or travelling between shows.
You also won’t ever be kept waiting in the fast moving musical industry. Flightcase Warehouse not only has enough stock you’ll ever need, but manufactures directly for the industry too. Just check out to see the level of care and craft we put into every case we make.
Our range covers everything from guitar, pedal board and amp cases as well as the more unusual cargo with our bespoke options. To top it off, next day delivery solutions are also available. Simply contact our friendly team to discuss the ideal solution for what you’re looking for.

Our bespoke service delivers customisation to your specification; simply tell us what you need, and we'll find you a solution – no project is too big, or too small. To check out our bespoke, custom made case service and to start building your very own, please click To shop our wide range of off the shelf stock – including Spider and Rhino cases - please visit

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BPM / PRO 2016

The Flightcase Warehouse team has just returned from the biggest ever BPM PRO Lighting and Sound Show and we’re pleased to report back that it was a massive success for us!
The reception to our first public showcase of Pro Flightcase was phenomenal – it was incredible to see so many enthusiastic faces and have the opportunity to spread the word about our brand, products and unique service to the people out there driving innovation in the L&S industry.

The event also proved really beneficial for new business generation. Our team were snowed under (in the best possible way!) with enquiries and kept busy over the three days chatting through leads, drawing up quotes and putting through pre orders. We also relished the chance to launch two brand new Lighting and Sound-specific flightcases, which went down a treat with our specialised audience.
We can’t help feeling really proud of what we’ve achieved both in the build up to and during the event. As well as publically showing our new brand (on a stand complete with our Serious Furniture area, bar and giveaways), it was also our Business Development Manager’s first show as a fully-fledged member of the team. Leigh, who joined us earlier this year in the role, has loads of L&S industry experience but BPM PRO was a show first with Flightcase Warehouse, so it was great for customers new and old to meet our most recent addition to the team.

The entire Flightcase Warehouse team would like to thank all who visited our stand over the three day event, and congratulate the organisers on what was a genuinely insightful, successful and really fun event. Our fellow exhibitors all put on a great display too and the passion in and for the Lighting and Sound industry is clearly alive and well. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!
To check out our bespoke, custom made case service and to start building your very own, please click
To shop our wide range of off the shelf stock – including Spider and Rhino cases - please visit
Alternatively, give one of our friendly team in our Tamworth office a call on 01827 60009 with any enquiries you may have!

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Flightcase Warehouse – BPM Pro

BPM PRO 2016 opens this weekend, Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th September – and we can’t wait! Flightcase Warehouse will hit the show floor alongside the largest number of exhibitors that BPM PRO has ever seen. We’re hoping that we’ll get the first looks of some of the most exciting and innovative products and services coming to the Lighting & Sound market in the near future.

Last week we gave you a rundown of some of the standout brands in L&S that we’ll be sharing the NEC with this weekend. Here’s a few others to do your homework on.

Mackie – - Stand PM14
Mackie is a global leader in professional audio products, with a renowned selection which ranges from loudspeakers and mixing consoles to studio and recording equipment. Founded in 1989, Mackie’s mission is to provide high quality, affordable recording and live sound gear. Their innovative approach has helped them achieve many industry firsts in the market, so we’re betting that their stand will be one to impress.

Grumpy Joes – - Stand LB08
Grumpy Joes is a UK manufacturer of next level party pieces. They produce dance floors, bars and event furniture and are pioneering in their approach. The company is the inventor of the Colour Commander dance floor – a wireless, RGB pixel portable dance floor system which can be controlled by any WiFi enabled device. I wonder if they’ll have on for the Flightcase Warehouse team to test out?

FBT Audio – -  Stand AJ06
FBT have been designing and manufacturing top of the range, highly professional audio products since 1963. Their aim is to deliver products that improve sound quality, making in clean, harmonic and melodies, thus enabling music lovers to enjoy their favourite tunes with outstanding clarity. FBT started life as a simple artisan workshop but is now an industry leader at both national and international level.  We’re looking forward to seeing what they’re offering up for 20-17.

This year’s BPM PRO Show marks the event’s 10th anniversary, so it’s set to be a celebration to remember. We’d love to see you there. Please feel free to drop by to meet us and check out our products at Stand AE11.

It’s the first public showcase of our recently launched Pro Flightcase brand too – our exclusive offering for bespoke made custom cases. We’re also launching two never before seen products and will be decked out with a flightcase bar and our hallmark Serious Furniture.

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Flightcase warehouse-BPM Pro 2016

Flightcase Warehouse – BPM Pro Promotion


With BPM Pro 2016 now just less than a week ago, we’d like to share with you some of the exhibitors we’re most excited to be sharing the floor with at the Lighting and Sound event this year. Read on to get the lowdown of some of the best brands out there in the L&S industry.


Audio Logic ( – Stand PX04

Audiologic is an award winning supplier of professional and commercial audio equipment. Combining a comprehensive understanding of the industry with detailed product knowledge and excellent customer service, Audiologic offers an extensive range of products for audio-visual professionals and installation contractors. Drop by at this year’s BPM PRO to check out their kit!


ADJ[URL: ( – Stand AJ02

The ADJ Group has been supplying professional mobile lighting products since 1985. Following a philosophy of innovation, ADJ has been responsible for many breakthroughs in the professional lighting industry, and has earned an international reputation for quality, reliability and loyalty to its retail partners. Check the team out at Stand AJ02 to get the latest on what they’re up to in 2016.


Chauvet Professional ( – Stands AF14 and AJ14

Chauvet is an award winning innovator, developer and manufacturer within the entertainment lighting industry. The Chauvet Professional brand provides high performance lighting products and accessories for the professional market, and supplies many of the world’s biggest entertainment acts. We’re a big fan of Chauvet ourselves so will be sure to pay them a visit at the show. A Chauvet team member recently won an exclusive bespoke Pro Flightcase in our brand launch competition, too.


Tickets for this year’s BPM Pro event are still available at ( and start at just £20 – we hope to see you there!


Check out brand new Pro Flightcase too – our exclusive offering for bespoke made custom cases – at

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BPM / PRO 2016

Flightcase Warehouse is pleased to announce that we’ll be in attendance as an exhibitor at this years’ BMP PRO show.

2016 marks the much anticipated 10th anniversary of the flagship trade show, and features the largest collection of exhibitors from the Lighting, Sound, DJ and Studio industries BPM PRO has ever had.

This year the event will take over the Genting Arena at the NEC in Birmingham from the 11th – 13th September. You can find the Flightcase Warehouse team (complete with new products and our Serious Furniture seating) at stand AE11. Just click here for a full map of the arena.

The BPM PRO Flightcase Warehouse stand will be the place to be at this year’s event, with the first public showing of our new brand and exclusive products. Get yourself to our stand to witness the unveiling of our brand new bespoke Pro Flightcase brand for its first ever public appearance, following its launch to the market just last week.

Our product firsts will come in the form of two never before seen specialist Lighting & Sound flightcases, whilst the team will also display a selection of cases from our off the shelf lines, which include Spider and Rhino products. If you see something you like, we’re offering delegate-only pre orders too! Simply speak to a member of staff for more details.

Both our MD, Sam Austin, and Sales Director, Jase Furneaux will be attending the event and will be available for consultation on booking. We know how busy these shows get – we’re regulars ourselves – so to guarantee a time that’s convenient to you, please just click here or call 01827 60009 to arrange your meeting with us.  

All delegates that either make a pre-booked meeting or pay us a visit on the day will get to try out our Serious Furniture line (the unique seating in our consultation area, loved by green room regulars and celebs) as well as a sample from our flightcase bar! We’d love to see you there, so book your slot before places are taken.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Flightcase Warehouse news and updates in the run up to the event.

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Tool Control

Flightcase Warehouse would like to introduce a brand new tool control offering to support you with your tool management

You've got to make sure you're ready for everything, and that your tools are safe, easily to hand and saves you time under pressure.

Our new tool control solutions ensure that your performance never suffers. Its new technology delivers a professional cost saving, time saving and protective service to motorsport.


Posted by: Jo on April 27th, 2016 @ 4:53 PM

Flightcase Warehouse is the new favourite for Aintree

Flightcase Warehouse is the new favourite for Aintree

The world stopped to hold its breath as over 60 million people watched Aintree's Gala Grand National Festival last weekend. More than 100 horses and jockeys rode the race of their lives and millions were won and lost as the deafening thunder of hooves galloped for the winning post.

The Pinnacle of the racing calendar is the Crabbies Festival, not only home to the celebrated Grand National, but also many other great races, such as the Betfred Bowl, Aintree Hurdle, Top Novice Hurdle, Topham Steeple Chase, Fox Hunter Chase, Cunard and the renowned Red Rum Handicap Chase. Much was at stake with so many hopes and dreams riding on so few.

Winning is everything, and Flightcase Warehouse were delighted to be commissioned to design a range of PRO custom built flight cases which were to be presented to the winners to protect their much coveted trophy on its journey home.


A hero's welcome will have awaited the safe return of each and every champion with their trophy safely packaged in precision-engineered flight cases that have immense strength and unbeatable protection.

Runners, riders, owners and organisers, you are the creators of legends and masters of dreams. Well done to you all on a brilliant festival and congratulations from all at Flightcase Warehouse on your truly victorious rides.




Posted by: Jo on April 13th, 2016 @ 10:22 AM

Its staging season!!

Its staging season!!

Next day delivery, check it now and give us a call on 01827 60009


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Flightcase Warehouse Expansion

Flightcase Warehouse have now aquired over 50,000 sq feet of space between 3 units.

With now 30,000 sq feet available for manufacturing.

This will enable us to cope with the demand with a team dedicated to special projects and a team dedicated to continuing building all our standard cases.




By the end of march this new area will be fully operational with a team of people and the required new machinary.

Posted by: Jo on March 14th, 2016 @ 11:41 AM

Flight Cases in Pretty Green Stores

Flight Cases in Pretty Green Stores

Last month Flight Case Warehouse was asked to produce the Flight Cases for Pretty Green stores.

They are proudly being displayed throughout the Birmingham and Glasgow stores now!

Here are some of many pictures that was taken from the stores.



Posted by: Jo on March 9th, 2016 @ 12:32 AM

Busy 2016 for Flightcase Warehouse

Our first show on 20th January is Plasa Glasgow.

The show launched last year and it was great to meet some of our exsisting customers and gain new customers from north of the border.

We have doubled our stand size this year and look forward to seeing everyone over the two days.
If you are visiting, feel free to come along and visit the team.

February 18th we will be at Olympia London for the Event Production Show, again we did this show last year for the first time and was a great success.

This year we have gone for a much bigger stand and are looking forward to showing some exciting new products, including our furniture range which had a very posotive response last year.

May 1oth we will once again be at Plasa Leeds.

This year we have a double size stand in the new section between both halls, right next to the bar!!

Finally, we will be at the new look BPM show at the Genting areana 11th September with our biggest stand yet, showing a whole new range of products.


More news to come nearer the event.


Posted by: Steve on January 13th, 2016 @ 09:04 AM

FCW Sofa's at Motorcyclelive show NEC

Our Serious Furniture was chosen for the Eurosport Entertainment Zone, placed on the Blackhorse Stage.

The Sofa's and chairs were hired througout the week for interviews conducted by Jamie Whitam (pictured)


FCW Serious Furniture range was chosen because it is the perfect embodiment of form and function. The padded covers offer a generous level of comfort, easy to transport and comes in a range of colours to suit the client.

With the option to buy or hire Serious Furniture suits every need.

Posted by: Steve on December 3rd, 2015 @ 2:20 PM

In stock now Spider Waterproof cases

Flightcase Warehouse are pleased to announce the arrival of the new  IP67 rated waterproof  cases that are the latest edition to the highly successful Spider Range.


The Spider waterproof case is designed to withstand the most severe conditions, offering the highest resilience and shock resistance needed to protect your equipment.

Coming in a range of sizes to suit most needs


Manufactured from engineered resin and glass fibre.
Extreamly strong and resilient.
IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof seal.
Pressure valve to regulate internal pressure.
Ergonomic  re-inforced rubber handle.
Protected catches, padlockable.
Pick and pluck block foam in base.
Eggbox foam in lid.
CNC inserts available on request.

Posted by: Steve on June 10th, 2015 @ 2:45 PM

Musikmesse Frankfurt

Took a trip to Musikmesse show again this year. We go every year as it is where many of the major companies launch their new products.

Special attention was taken on the Chauvet and ADJ stands and Flight cases for most of their lighting products are now available at

The Guitar section is always massive with most manufacturers showing their guitars.
We are always looking for new guitars that will fit in our cases, and this year we found all the new Epiphone Gibson guitars, Sheckter and Martin that will fit in our range of Spider Guitar Cases.

In the same hall are the Amplifier manufacturers and distributors and we now have Flight cases available for Blackstar and Randell  heads, cabs, and combos.

All cases can be viewed here

Posted by: Steve on May 11st, 2015 @ 09:52 AM

Spider Roadtrunks Back In Stock

FCW's exclusive range of Spider Roadtrunks are back in stock and available on 6th March.

Posted by: Steve on March 2nd, 2015 @ 5:50 PM

Flightcase Warehouse at the Event Production Show 2015


The Event Production Show is the UK’s leading exhibition for the live event sector including indoor, outdoor, sporting, music and experiential events.  It offers a dynamic environment for you to connect with like-minded event professionals whilst exploring the latest technologies and insights at the forefront of the events industry.

The Event Production Show is a must attend if you organise live events and visiting will inspire you and help you deliver practical, cost saving, workable solutions and innovations for all types of live events.  Taking place on the 18th - 19th February 2015 at Olympia London, if you are involved in organising events then a visit to The Event Production Show is vital.

Flightcase Warehouse will have on show the new Flight case Sofa and a range of cases suitable for the Live event industry inc Roadtrunks, Production cases, Hoist cases etc..


Look forward to seeing you there.

Posted by: Steve on January 21st, 2015 @ 2:52 PM

Serious Furniture from FCW

Flightcase Warehouse are proud to introduce the ‘Serious’ furniture collection to the market. Over the last 2 years our R+D team have been designing and developing a range of furniture pieces tailored to suit the home, office and exhibition environment.
Whilst retaining the flight case appearance and strength, the range presents a stylish and fashionable statement.

Manufactured using eco transparent Finnish birch plywoods with face and core veneers. Both sides of the board are coated with a translucent stain and additionally overlaid with a durable transparent melamine film.

The ‘Serious 3 seater flight case Sofa is part of our ‘Serious’ furniture collection and is the perfect embodiment of form and function.
The padded cushions provide generous comfort whilst the frame retains a flight case appearance.
Whether at home, office or exhibition, The sofa would look stylish anywhere to a bar, meeting room, games room or backstage at a gig

Posted by: Steve on December 23rd, 2014 @ 10:38 AM

Flightcase Warehouse are pleased to announce the achievement of ISO9001 accreditation.

Flightcase Warehouse are pleased to announce the achievement of ISO9001 accreditation.

By demonstrating and verifying our compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001, FCW are actively advertising the company’s commitment to quality, traceability and continual improvements.

ISO 9001 promotes the development of continual improvement, customer satisfaction and traceability through the implementation of various management system processes.

This is key criteria in showing our existing clients our commitment to quality management and will assist in convincing potential clients to utilise our products and services.

ISO9001 accreditation will drive the Flightcase Warehouse forward and assist in constantly improving our quality management systems.

Posted by: Steve on November 19th, 2014 @ 08:03 AM


FCW have this year invested in another brand new CNC machine, Hyma foam cutting machine and the latest Solidworks Cad/Cam design programme to give us a better fitting solution for moving head inserts
Working closer than ever with manufacturers such as Chauvet, Martin and Robe we now have a much better capability to bring our customers top quality inserts and flight cases to help protect there investment at a price that is still very competitive.

We will endeavor to beat any quotation from our competitors

Ring today on 01827 60009



Posted by: Steve on October 29th, 2014 @ 5:04 PM


Custom workstation built to customer spec.

Most important item is the Nespresso coffee machine!!

3 drawers, legs stored in lid.

Set up in 2 minutes.

custom cases are our speciality.

Call for a quote

Posted by: Steve on September 25th, 2014 @ 11:46 AM

BPM DJ Show 2014

Flightcase Warehouse are once again exhibiting at  this years all new look BPM and PRO show

We will be showing of a large range of custom built flight cases to suit both events

Please come visit us at stand F84 and Jason and Sam will be happy to help with any inquires

Posted by: Steve on August 29th, 2014 @ 8:29 PM
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FCW Look Forward To Part 2 Of The F1 Season

Having supplied Pirelli with all their Flight case requirements again for the 2014 Formula 1 season it is great to see how close the racing has been and the role the tyres have played

Now there is a 4 week break it gives all the teams time to reflect on the 1st half of the season and look at how they can improve on the 2nd half.

As for the Flightcase Warehouse we will be working hard to supply more cases to Pirelli during this period. The type of cases supplied are Medical and safety car tyre cases (If either car goes out, even for one lap, all 4 tyres are replaced!) Balancer machine cases, Tyre breaker machine cases, Production cases, computer case, tool cases and so on.

In all we have made more than 150 cases to house all equipment that needs to be at every Grand Prix for Pirelli.

We look forward to the second half of the season and hope is is exciting as the first.
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New CNC Machine. New Cases.

Due to increasing demand Flightcase Warehouse have installed a second state of the art CNC machine. The new machine will assist in increasing production capabilities as well as vastly reducing lead time on manufacture.

Plasa 2014 Review

Thank you to all who visited the Flightcase Warehouse stand at Plasa 2014. The exhibition was a resounding success in providing a platform for us demonstrate our unrivalled range of high quality custom flightcase options. Our lighting flightcases were very popular throughout the show; with our new design for moving heads of particular interest.

For further information on our range or a custom flightcase quote please call 01827 60009.

FCW - Plasa Focus 2014

The Flightcase Warehouse will be exhibiting at Plasa Focus on April 29-30th at The Royal Armouries Museum.

As a bespoke flightcase specialist, we will be demonstrating a number of cases from our expansive range. Cases on show will include our renowned hoist flightcases, battern and lighting cases.

In addition to our capabilities as a custom manufacturer, we also provide a wide range of off the shelf solutions, providing the customer with flexibility and choice. A selection of these items will be joining us at the show:

Come and visit us on stand N-D18 for more information on our vast range.

See you there!

ESP & ORTEGA hard cases in stock NOW

Due to popular demand FCW has introduced hard cases for ESP and Ovation guitars.




New Spider Professional Hard Guitar Cases

FCW are proud to introduce 2 new guitar hard case models to add to their ever expanding range.


Technical Details:

  • Material - Polypropylene
  • Large heavy duty handle
  • Large flip lock catches
  • Lockable with combination lock on x1 catch
  • Plush black Interior finish
  • Feet on the base and back of the case
  • x1 Internal Compartment, 200mm x 80mm
  • Ext dims: w1130mm x d500mm x h180mm

Will fit Acoustic guitars upto

Length - 1060mm, Lower bout - 420mm, Upper bout - 310mm
Height - 135mm

In Stock Now Ready For Next Day Delivery




Technical Details:

  • Material - Polypropylene
  • Large heavy duty handle
  • Large flip lock catches
  • Lockable with combination lock on x1 catch
  • Will fit all strat and tele type guitars
  • Plush black Interior finish
  • Feet on the base and back of the case
  • x1 Internal Compartment, 220mm x 170mm
  • Ext dims: w1175mm x d430mm x h170mm

Will fit Electric guitars upto

Length - 1090mm, Lower bout - 340mm, Upper bout - 295mm
Height - 65mm

In Stock Now Ready For Next Day Delivery

FCW awarded UK exclusivity on PROEL FORCE Series racks

FCW would like to introduce the new proel force rack case series to our portfolio. The FORCE series is a brand new range of professional cases by PROEL dedicated to the field of musical instruments and stage equipment and result of PROEL’s 20+ years experience in the ABS case market. Flightcase warehouse are now the exclusive UK dealer for all the 19” rack case products from the FORCE series.

FCW - Upgrading our service to you

Flightcase Warehouse, in partnership with UK Mail, will now be texting customers to notify them that their parcel has been shipped. The primary function of this text message is to provide the customer with their tracking details, in the form of a consignment number, and to let them know that their parcel has been dispatched.

Coming Soon...

We will shortly be able to offer our customers a text service that provides them a delivery time within a 2 hour window.

Custom Flightcase in a Flash!

Flightcase Warehouse are pulling out all the stops in January to get your case to you in the shortest time possible. We have slashed our lead time to guarantee delivery in 7 working days.

Get your custom quote NOW!!!

*Short Lead Times*Competitive Prices*Unrivalled Quality*

New Spider rackmount flightcases - In stock NOW

A new range of exclusive 'off the shelf' rackmount flightcases have recently been unveiled by The Flightcase Warehouse.

Spider 12u Sleeved Rackmount Flight Case 800mm Deep

Technical Details:

  • Material: 9mm hexa board finish
  • Type: Removable front and rear
  • Int Dims: w19" d800mm x h540mm (12u)
  • Ext Dims: w604mm x d940mm x h638mm
  • Heavy duty fittings
  • 4" Castors fitted
  • Rack strip front and rear
  • Rack nuts bolts and washers supplied


Spider 16u Sleeved Rackmount Flight Case 800mm Deep

Technical Details:

  • Material: 9mm hexa board finish
  • Type: Removable front and rear
  • Int Dims: w19" d800mm x h720mm (16u)
  • Ext Dims: w604mm x d940mm x h816mm
  • 770mm between front and rear rails
  • Heavy duty fittings
  • 4" Castors fitted
  • Rack strip front and rear
  • Rack nuts bolts and washers supplied


Spider 16u Sleeved Rackmount Double Flight Case Side x Side Rack

Technical Details:

  • Material: 9mm Hexa board finish
  • Type: Removable front and rear
  • Int Dims: w19" x D520mm x h720mm (16u)
  • Ext Dims: w1185mm x d700mm x h816mm
  • 490mm Deep between front and rear rails
  • Heavy duty fittings
  • 4" Castors fitted
  • Rack strip front and rear
  • Rack nuts bolts and washers supplied


In stock now and available on a next working day service.

New Spider bag range has landed

The new exciting range of Spider Bags have arrived and are selling fast.

Although the bags are very competitivley priced we have not compromised on the quality.

All the bags are reinforced and we made sure we used the best materials available.

The new imac bag comes in several sizes to suit all the imac range.

The Mixer bags will suit most types of small mixers

There are 3 sizes of Pedalboard bag with a pedalboard and velcro supplied.

Projector bags will fit a whole host of projectors and the Utility range can be used for 100's of applications.

So if it is a bag you are looking for with a competitive price and supreme quality... then look no further.

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Flightcase Warehouse at The BPM show Bham

14th 15th and 16th September.

Come to BPM at Birminghams NEC to see, try and buy the latest DJ and music and production equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers and a host of innovative niche suppliers including us the Flightcase Warehouse who for the first time are exhibiting independently.

FCW have gone all out with a 50 square metre stand to show off all our latest DJ cases and related products from Controllers, to Coffins, Rack cases and Work stations, to Turntable and DJ Consoles.

Sam, Jase and Mat will be on call to offer advice, answer any questions that you have, and take your orders!!

There will be some major deals going on with some very special show prices, and we can ship for you direct from the show to any UK address next day.



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Introducing Our New Exhibition + Display Flight Case To The Website

FCW Are Introducing This Brand New Section To The Website. 

Exhibition + Display Flight Cases


We have been manufacturing exhibition flight cases for a number of years but from January of this year the demand has increased to a new high.

As a custom manufacture we can build flight cases to any specification. However what we realised with most exhibitions is that the flight case doesnt really need to change. We have set out 2 standard cases to allow for all different types of exhibition stands. The case will take your portable display panels, banner stands and anything else needed.


View this section below

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New and Upgraded Roadtrunks now in stock.

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Announcing The New Motorsport Section on the FCW Website

Check out the brand new Motorsport section on the Flightcase Warehouse Site.




FCW are very pleased to anounce the launch of the new Motorsport section. This section encompasses all forms of motorsport and Motorsport related equipment, from laptop computers to fully blown race cars, all manufactured here in our UK facility.

So why should you use FCW?

We have been manufacturing flight cases for the motorsport industry since 1990. Prodrive was our first big customer buying a variety of cases inc, Engine, gearbox, turbo,s etc. Our top selling 'Spider' toolcase is still used by the main stay of Rally Mechanics around the world to this day. At around that time we supplied Mitsubishi Ralliart, Ford Rallysport, Audi and a host of WRC teams.

In 1992 we were commisioned to make the very first Pitwall Flight case to house monitors and computers for Williams Grand Prix Engineering which they called the 'Cinema case' we still have the letter from the then team manager Ian Harrison thanking us for our efforts, but unfortunatly the case is long gone!!.

From 1992 to 2000 we supplied F1 teams, Jordan Grand Prix, British American Racing, Jackie Stewart Racing, Jaguar, Benneton, Arrows. After 2000 the sponsorship money dried up for a while and F1 had a radical change we moved away from F1 at this point but continued supplying Sportscar teams, Rally Teams etc.

We supplied Bridgestone F1 up until they decided to leave in 2010
But won the contract to supply Pirelli F1, which we still do as of today.


So as you can see FCW have a wealth of experience within the Motorsport Industry
and continue to support this fascinating and exciting sport. If you have any
motorsport requirements please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who
are always on hand to offer the best advice for your needs. We are also happy to
come and visit if required.

Please checkout the Motorsport section Here

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Spider Roadtrunks back in stock!!!!

Our best selling trunk is back

240 in stock
ready for next day delivery.

1200 x 600 x600

1000 x 500 x500

900 x 400 x400

9mm Black finish

Heavy duty fittings

4" Castors with brakes.



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Behringer X32 Flight Case Now With Added Dog Box

Flightcase Warehouse have finally released there first version of the  custom flight case they have designed for the new Behringer X32


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BPM 2014

Flightcase Warehouse are once again exhibiting at  this years all new look BPM and PRO show

We will be showing of a large range of custom built flight cases to suit both events

Please come visit us at stand F84 and Jason and Sam will be happy to help with any inquires

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Brand New Castor Design Now Available

New 3" ball corner wheel.

Ideal for all those smaller cases that need transporting around.

We can fit to most of our stock cases as well

Please call for details