Branding Options at Flightcase Warehouse

CNC Engraving
>Engraved with either a 1mm or 2mm Carbide Square End Mill tool at 9000 RPM for precision engraving 
>Engraved 0.6mm into the top layer of material to keep the materials structural integrity at its maximin 
>Long life engravements to withstand day to day use 
>Any Logo / text or pattern can be performed with the aid of CAD design
Check out this video showcasing our CNC Engraving option: WATCH HERE

Digital Printing
>Direct to Substrate UV Printing (Digital Printing)
>Using High Res or Vector file for a logo
>Any flat surface can be printed on this way
Check out this video showcasing our Digitial Printing option: WATCH HERE

Screen Printing
>The original form of branding on flightcases
>Can only be printed on HPL due to it needing to be a completely flat surface to get a professional finish
>It is the only form of logo branding that can be done AFTER the case has been built
Check out this video showcasing our Screen Priniting options: WATCH HERE

For more information on our branding options, please call us on 0800 612 7097 or email us on 

Posted by: Flightcase Warehouse on July 22nd, 2021


Every now and then, something will happen in business that is worthy of shouting from the rooftops and this is one of those occasions. 

Flightcase Warehouse are delighted to announce we have opened a new office on site at Pinewood Studios.

Synonymous with some of the big and small screen’s most enduring productions over its nearly 85 year history, Pinewood’s iconic UK studios are just 8 miles from Heathrow airport and 20 miles from central London.

Home to the legendary 007 Stage, a further 23 stages, 3 TV studios, the unique permanently-filled Underwater Stage, one of Europe’s largest exterior tanks, acres of backlot and thousands of square feet of production office and workshop space, Pinewood has everything you need all in one place.

What This Means for Flightcase Warehouse

  • We have an office space to hold meetings for new and current clients
  • We are able to service clients based at Pinewood Studios more efficiently
  • We are moving into offering a more comprehensive service for those companies in the TV & Film Production industry 

This is a very proud moment for us at the Flightcase Warehouse and we’re excited to see where this takes us. Owner Steve & Managing Director Sam said Being able to work directly out of Pinewood Studios really enables us to be at the heart of the UK film industry. This new location will form a huge part of our strategic plan moving forward and we look forward to offering our products and services to this growing marketplace".


Posted by: Flightcase Warehouse on July 13th, 2021

Extrusion Options at Flightcase Warehouse

The Technical

The metal substrate is fitted to carriers, using hooks, attached to an automatic powered track. 
To ensure corrosion resistance the metal is taken through a 4 stage washer
It is then passed through a dry-off oven then to a powder coating booth which is located in a clean room to avoid contamination.
A process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is used to achieve the application of the powder coating. 
This application method uses automatic spray guns, which apply an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the grounded part. 

The Features
Hard wearing, having the capabilities to protect your case and take on a lifetime of useage
You can make your cases stand out, using different colours/finishes
Mainly used for presentation style cases as opposed to touring.
You can drive more value through matching corporate colours or really look to brighten up your case 

Fun Fact
We offer painted and anodised fittings to match any Ral Colour which can be a powerful tool for branding and presentation.
Our previous work includes black, white gold and purple

For more information on extrusions and fittings then call us on 0800 612 7097 or email us on

Posted by: Flightcase Warehouse on June 30th, 2021

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