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Bespoke Flight Cases

Our Different Types Of Glue

We offer 3 different adhesive solutions for applying our foam to cases to ensure we are providing the right required solution for different industries and applicationsPermanent tack sprayable Holt melt adhesiveSprayable contact...

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What Foam Do We Use?

The foam we use is a 29-kilo closed cell crosslinked microcellular Polyolefin Foam. This is used in all our cases lining and CNC foamed blocks

Its general properties include:· Wide range of densities (20 to 180...

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What Makes a Touring Grade Flightcase?

We’ve recently began using 35mm angle and 35mm double extrusion on some of our Touring Grade Flightcases and here’s why:35mm Leg LengthThe increased leg length reduces the risk of excessive panel deformation and...

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