Underrated Ways To Increase Productivity, Performance and Morale in Your Teams


Underrated Ways To Increase Productivity, Performance and Morale in Your Teams

At Flightcase Warehouse, we’re experiencing growing demand for integrated, multi-functional cases that serve both as protective units and hospitality hubs. The clever cases facilitate and support more flexible working on the road or at event sites for your teams, and also allow you to offer convenient hospitality options for attendees at the events you’re working (with the benefits of smooth transportation, reduced set-up and tear down time and singular storage).
An empowered workforce armed with the tools to do their jobs to the best of their ability makes for greater productivity, better performance and increased morale. So, let’s think outside the box about how hospitality flight cases can help your business prosper, in addition to providing first-class service to clients.
Creature Comforts
For many team members, this means little but significant touches that make their working day that bit easier. These touches depend on the nature of a workforce of course, but in general, access to amenities such as coffee machines, fridges and break desks backstage or in production mobiles makes a massive impact. When travelling is an essential factor in an industry, it’s not always easy to have these benefits to hand but integrated hospitality cases mean that your mood-boosting creature comforts can travel with you safely, securely and without impacting setup time.
Instant Access
The majority of live events require significant hands-on work and technical setup whilst on the job along with the ability to react in an instant when something goes wrong that you have to fix. The pressure of working “live” as such can impact employee productivity and lead to mistakes that could have a negative effect on your performance or company reputation. Therefore taking precautions that ease these worries, such as having a mobile, contamination-free and ordered production line with accessible equipment and room to work on the job can help you get more out of your team. Our range of portable workstations and mobile production cases properly protect kit and eliminate slow response and a morale-damaging cluttered workspace.
Save Space
Travelling for work in the live events, AV, lighting and sound and technology industries is commonplace and this obviously comes with risks to the protection you rely on to deliver for clients. However, you don’t always have the room to bring a hundred and one cases of separate kit with you and as such, you may have to sacrifice bringing extras with you such as laptops, refreshments and paperwork. Our integrated hospitality flight cases mean that you can bring with you what you may have otherwise left at the office, and therefore maximise your time and money spent on the road by using every minute productively. Think getting complex quotes typed between shows and having dinner on hand without driving around looking for the nearest fast food stop.
If you believe your team could benefit from a hospitality flight case solutions, please contact sales@flightcasewarehouse.co.uk or call 01887 60009.

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