The UK Creative Hub with a World Famous Fan Base


The UK Creative Hub with a World Famous Fan Base

If you’ve been reading the trade press, following our social media or checking out our email newsletter, you’ll know that Flightcase Warehouse recently acquired Production Park resident company, Box Clever Cases. Most of you readers who work in or have a connection to the touring industry will be well aware of this creative force, which attracts big-name stars and the best up-and-coming artists alike to its UK complex. But did you know that the following four massive live productions were born from Production Park and the inspiring companies that make the magic happen?

1)    Jay Z and Beyonce’s OTR II Stadium Tour

The Carters (aka Jay Z and Beyonce) are the music universe’s most famous power couple and known for their demanding standards, attention to detail and multi-million dollar bank balances. All this means that it’s only the best for the R&B icons and as such, their team came to Brilliant Stages at Production Park to help bring their stadium tour to life.

The set was typically ambitious and included four treadmills, two hydraulic pantograph stairs, two miner carts, one scissor lift and three quick lifts – all on the one stage. Lighting troughs were also installed on every single runway to ensure that wherever fans were seated in the audience, not a single moment of the show would be missed. Learn more about the project here:

2)    John Bishop’s Rollercoaster Tour

Production Park company Perry Scenic Creative – whose philosophy is “nothing is impossible” worked extensively alongside hugely popular UK comedian and TV host John Bishop to create a spectacular live tour set. Perry Scenic Creative, who thanks to their multi-talented team of artistic experts have a bold tradition of realising truly incredible live event scenery, designed and constructed a set that incorporated visual gags to bring John’s script alive.

The set was created from scratch and featured a fully functioning Helter Skelter with a 3D sculpted clown head for the slide exit (yes, it’s a crazy as it sounds). The clown head incorporated soft padded teeth and ears that enabled John Bishop to climb the Helter Skelter and was set against an applique rollercoaster backdrop which gave the illusion that the structure was real and towering over the audience – and incredible atmospheric feat. Check out the project here:

3)    Robbie Williams’ Heavy Entertainment Tour

Even if you’re not a fan of the band, Take That’s “Progress” Tour back in 2011 caught the eyes of the nation with its 20m high, robot-style animated man. The centrepiece was designed and engineered by Production Park company Brilliant Stages and 6 years later Robbie Williams – who performed on the Progress Tour following a 14 year hiatus – approached Brilliant Stages to work with him on his solo Heavy Entertainment’ Tour.

Over twenty gruelling weeks Brilliant Stages developed a stage set centred on the theme of “pow”, which made use on an intricate and intelligent video frame that could be broken down and reconstructed quickly for slick transitions between shows. Check out the project and its visuals here:

4)    FIA World Endurance Championships

Touring doesn’t just mean music or arena entertainment. The motorsport industry produces some of the most exhilarating live events you can grab a ticket for, something Production Park’s Litestructures understands well. The company went on tour with Ford for the past three FIA World Endurance Championships, partnering with the global automotive name to build bespoke garage gantries complete with full LED lighting fixtures and vital engineer stations (keep maintain the two Ford GTs the team competes in).

The most recent race saw Litestructures redesign the entire Ford travelling garage, adding overhead lockers above the engineer’s units and new-look side pods with additional mains supplies to further support the crew during heats. Read more about the project here:

If you work in the touring industry and rely on heavy-duty flight cases to protect and transport your technical equipment and set pieces, we’d love you to give Flightcase Warehouse a try for your next project. We can build bespoke to a touring grade specification that you brief, utilise the latest engineering and technology for ultimate precision and have over twenty years’ experience servicing your sector. To find out more please call +44 (0) 1827 60009 or email

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