Manageable Ways to Maximise Manufacturing Output


Manageable Ways to Maximise Manufacturing Output

Manufacturing is a multi-faceted industry comprising companies producing everything from the world’s most advanced aerospace engines to the consumer electronics we use day in, day out. As technology advances, skills become more specific and markets become uncertain, it’s more important than ever to ensure that as a manufacturer, your operation is running to optimum levels. In this post we share 4 great ideas of how you can help your business achieve this goal. 

Deploy Lean Principles

It can be incredibly liberating to see your business run like clockwork and reach record productivity rates. However, for many manufacturers this relief is short lived. Without the right protocols and perspectives in place, all it takes is one large order from your key account, an amazing new business project you just can’t turn down or a staff sick day to very quickly put you back to full capacity and inefficient working. That’s why deploying lean manufacturing principles can help you not just to streamline, but put measures and best practices in place so that productivity remains high in numerous scenarios. Lean thinking covers value, the value stream, flow, pull and perfection and you can find out more from

Maximise the Space You Have

Ever looked around your unit or workshop and the words “organised chaos” have sprung to mind? You wouldn’t be alone. Even though teams may think they’re managing just fine, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than excellent and a relatively straightforward way to get more from this capital is through material presentation. Material presentation (or accumulation systems) lays out the processes, tools and materials required in each stage of a manufacturing build in the exact order they’re required, with intervals for set teams to work their magic. To get more information about how this method can work for you, please email

Up-skill and Diversify Teams

Reduce risk in your business through safeguarding the manufacturing roles that are essential to customer delivery and profitable operations. Therefore it could be a good idea for your manufacturing company to look into training and development programmes for employees that focus on multi-skilling or gaining basic skills in other departments. This prepares you for being short staffed due to absence or growth whilst getting extra value without the additional wage bill. Not just operationally beneficial, training up your teams can generate a wellbeing boost that has been proven to improve productivity, collaboration and retention too.

Protect Your Equipment 

Manufacturing businesses have a lot of valuable equipment under their roofs which needs to remain in pristine condition lest you risk losing money, time and client credibility. It may be that you’re constantly wasting cash due to parts being lost or damaged during manufacturing, repairs to finished products damaged in transit or costly compensation if a client isn’t happy with an order that arrives anything less than perfect. Why not consider flight cases as an option for storing and moving equipment in-house and also as a heavy-duty shipping container when your goods hit the road. Email to find out more.
Do you feel that material presentation systems or flight case solutions could benefit the productivity and profitability of your manufacturing business or a company you may know? Then we’d love to hear from you. Just email our team on or call +44 (0) 1827 60009.

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