How Will VR Revolutionise Events for Professionals?


How Will VR Revolutionise Events for Professionals?

Recently, there has been a huge amount of excitement concerning VR (Virtual Reality). This incredible technology allows users and audiences (the two inexplicably combine with the magic of VR!) to not just watch a video, but sit in the middle of it, with the digital interface interacting in real time to motion.
But what can this revolutionary tech loved by millennials actually offer us in practical terms? In the past, we have glanced over the practical uses for these devices, but what are they really capable of?
Everyone is familiar with the most common use of VR – gaming of course! With the real time response that the VR headset achieves, it acts as the perfect virtual camera, moving naturally with the user’s eyeline and head rather than an artificial joystick or mouse. This alone is enough to establish VR as a lasting digital format but its functionality has been explored much deeper recently.
For example, it is possible (through an internet connection), to hold conferences with VR as the viewing/interactive element. With this technology, streamed conferences could be made a lot more interactive and personable, with each attendee able to take part from the comfort of their own home (and in the case of some of the bigger conferences, own country, as the trip can be quite significant to certain trade shows.) This digital attendance could be extended to a ‘periscope’ like experience through the use of 360° cameras. The VR user would be able to receive an almost identical experience to those physically in the crowd at minimal expense to both the VR user, and the event planning team. Amazing stuff!
This potential for virtual conferences and speeches could extend even as far as virtual trade shows, with exhibitors unable to attend the physical floor able to set up a virtual experience or store, where interaction is a lot more personable than it would be on a webpage. Of course, this is all in mind for the future, when VR is a lot more commonplace than it is today-but it’s all worth bookmarking for reference over the next few formative years. 
Then there are VR’s potential applications as a means to demonstrate your product, or draw people to your stand in trade show or any footfall environment. Instead of having product features explained to you by a salesperson, you could be shown precisely what the product does, how it’s made, its practical applications all whilst having your questions answered by an attendant. The novelty of VR will also be a draw, as many people will want to use one just for the experience alone. Note, the experience economy..
We cannot wait to see what VR will contribute and transform within the events industry. If you want to keep your VRR set safe, be sure to contact our experienced team for solutions that will see your experience offering or personal equipment staying safe for years to come.

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