Hereís the Hospitality Tech Thatís Paving the Way for Innovation


Hereís the Hospitality Tech Thatís Paving the Way for Innovation

The rapid rate of technological innovation is transforming a wide range of industries, from audio visual, to motorsport and even retail. One of the sectors that is really being elevated by digital development is that of events and hospitality, and this we’re taking a look at some of the tech that’s making waves for manufacturers, organisers, exhibitors, attendees and audiences.

Facial Recognition

The fact that social media integration is a staple of our society has been massively capitalised on (and rightly so) by event organisers and hospitality manages. Facial recognition tagging software on platforms such a Facebook makes it easy for images to be linked with and shared by attendees at functions and shows. This can help maximise visibility and have your attendees form stronger rational, and emotional, connections with your brand or event, thus increasing the chances of advocacy, the spread of awareness and repeat bookings.

Via complex software, it is now even possible to gauge user reaction without having to pull an attendee aside and ask a stream of questions, which at a certain moment in time, may be inconvenient for the attendee. Algorithms in facial mapping software can detect - via facial movements - whether positive or negative reactions, which is invaluable for marketing and future development. However, we do always recommended a good face to face chat to really get to know your audiences and help win their business or advocacy.

Display Technology

Signage is far evolved from the once-staple canvas banners and print outs. Event organisers, hospitality specialists – even retailers staging events are learning more about experience-enhancing smart screen technology, and the scope of opportunities it opens up for engagement, sales growth and data collection.

For example, interactive apps and games can engage an audience upon entering a venue or passing a booth at an event. Moving adverts can entice passing foot traffic in shopping centres, and colleges can utilise screens to enthuse students – whether current or prospective. Touch screen technology often means instant, easy access to more information, which is only a good thing when you’re wanting to educate your potential customers or source of growth!


RFID technology is opening up a host of new ways for hospitality and event managers to predict what is going to be their most popular feature at events, and allocate space accordingly. This is mainly thanks to the location tracking services that RFID chips can provide.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re hosting an event with an electronically mapped floor plan. RFID chips built into visitor badges can track users as they travel the event floor, and measure where they’re spending the most amount of time. After collecting results, event managers can then plan the next year’s event to correspond with the most popular attractions – leading to increasing footfall, popularity and of course, profit. (Just be sure that your data use and protection policy is watertight and you properly communicate with attendees on this matter).

Live Streaming

Nearly every type of hospitality, venue or event manager can find a use for live streaming. Matched with a suitable camera, a live feed can be a powerful tool in engaging an audience that may not be physically present or event act as more enticing advert than tailored marketing could. Wide pan shots of an event floor, a hotel view from a balcony are all powerful and shareable tools that can aid audience engagement and attract new business.

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