FCW Blog May 2017


FCW Blog May 2017

The Upcoming Red Letter Days in Motorsport 

The Spanish Grand Prix has just ended, and what a fantastic weekends’ worth of racing it was. Summer is always a brilliant time for motorsport and with spring drawing to a close, we’re now looking ahead to what’s going to be keeping us entertained on the track next month too. Here’s a pick of some of the biggest motorsport events on the upcoming calendar, and why we think they’re worth the watch. 

The Monaco Grand Prix (25th – 28th May):

Obviously, this is a big one. Described on the official Formula One website as ‘distinct from the sport from which it was born’, the Monaco Grand Prix is the highlight of the Formula One enthusiast’s year, with a track that has been for years the pinnacle of technical testing. With overtaking ‘next to impossible’ qualification is more important than ever in the Monte Carlo circuit, which has remained largely unchanged since its place in the 1955 championship due to its demanding layout. This is all without mentioning the prestigious location in which the race takes place, with Monte Carlo being not only a great spot for F1 fans but anybody who was lucky enough to get tickets!

The Isle of Mann TT (27th May – 9th June):
A departure from the four wheel fun that takes such a large place on this list, the Isle of Mann TT is the red letter event when it comes to displays of superbikes and their speed. With the drivers of these bikes reaching speeds of up to 200mph on a course that is host to sharp bends, jumps and solid stone walls, any spectator will be impressed with the nerve that these drivers display when they are gunning for first place. The Isle of Mann comes alive for the event, with lots to do even outside the race times, making the TT an incredible few weeks for any fan of superbikes, speed, or motorsport in general.

Goodwood Festival of Speed (30th June – 2nd July):

Taking a step back from the competitive nature of motorsport, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a celebration of the sport as a whole. With an incredible host of cars on display, from classic to super, it’s the perfect way for any petrolhead to spend the long summer weekend. There will also be air displays and a number of famous faces at the show as well, for those who want to keep the action light. It’s not all slow and steady though, with the famous hill climb pitting some powerful machines against each other and a rally stage that will see a hair raising course through the woods, all against the clock.
Le Mans 24 Hour Race (17th 18th June):

The 85th occurrence of the world famous race that tests endurance just as much as ability, the Le Mans endurance race is renowned for displays of incredible driving and fantastic

engineering. One of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’, the Le Mans 24 hour race has inspired countless other events of a similar nature, including both a classic car and a superbike version! Many automotive giants use the Le Mans endurance event as an opportunity to test out the latest in their technology, so any spectators want to be on the lookout for exciting new features and models!
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