Does equipment hire business success rest on auditing m


Does equipment hire business success rest on auditing m

The team at Flightcase Warehouse are acutely aware of the challenges that our customers in the equipment hiring industry face. Whether rigging, trussing, staging, broadcasting, lighting, sound, audio visual – the list of affected sectors goes on – fast-paced stock turnaround and distribution is at the heart of the hiring service. We understand that those of you active in hire need the equipment that drives your revenue travel-ready at any given moment, and you need to be confident that it remains in top condition.

Inspired by stories shared by our customers, this week we look into the three key ways that hiring professionals can overcome obstacles and create a climate for growth.

1)    Deliver unbeatable customer service by harnessing trust

We’re told that a driving force behind a customer’s decision to hire out equipment rather than purchase it outright is that of lower upfront cost. Customers might only need equipment once or twice a year, or the cash flow challenges in their business might mean putting down a lump sum is out of the question. Therefore, when price points become less of a debatable factor, customer service becomes all the more import to attract, retain, and generate more revenue from your hire-dependent customers.

This means that no matter your sector, you need to offer a reliable, added-value service. On top of delivering a friendly and professional experience, go the extra mile to ensure customers see you as their trusted, go to contact. Think offering the latest products and the highest quality protective cases during transit (so your customers know they’re getting the very best value with minimal risk, taking the sting out of hiring costs).

2)    Remain conscious of your hire equipment product lifespan

Although some brands have a reputation for kit that just keeps on going and going, it’s a fact that constant wear and tear doesn’t discriminate, and at some point, the equipment that you charge out for hire will reach the end of its lifespan. By regularly checking and testing your equipment, you’ll be able to map a lifecycle for each and every product you make money from, and in turn factor into your budgeting and bottom line costs. However, purchasing replacements and ordering in the latest technology is unavoidable – and we’re sure you want to make sure you’re maximising these investments.

The very nature of the equipment hire industry means that product travel is inevitable (and at a much more frequent rate than your average company) and constant manhandling also comes with the gig. Therefore, flight cases are usually central to your operation and should be planned and purchased in line with any new products you offer or intend to introduce, guaranteeing ultimate protection and the highest possible ROI from day one. With Flightcase Warehouse, you can even get cases made especially for the latest product launches, or an entirely bespoke case if your hiring company has a niche.

3)    Audit everything that business success rests on

Any reputable equipment hire company will be auditing their kit regularly. It’s an absolute given and the pinnacle of good service and strong business model rests on being able to guarantee quality and added-value when delivering a lease-mentality offering. However – how often do you consider your protective kit when you undertake your audit?

These cases are the vessels that protect your equipment - defending you from incurring unnecessary damage costs, bearing the brunt of loss of business due to poor service and ensuring your expensive purchases perform to throughout their full product lifespan. If you’re not already doing so, why not book in a flight case audit the next time you look at your stock? Flightcase Warehouse can visit your UK site and perform a full audit in just 3 working days from you getting in touch, so don’t worry if your need is urgent.

If you work in equipment hire, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help your business with its flight case solutions. Flightcase Warehouse works with a wide range of industry sectors including audio visual, lighting and sound, events, production, broadcasting, rigging, trussing, entertainment technology, motorsport and many more. We have a wide range of off the shelf products (including those tailor-made to popular products for immediate order), and can also build entirely custom flight cases if your business has an individual need. To get in touch please call 01827 60009 or email 

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