Announcing New Spider Structurs Trussing solutions from FCW


Announcing New Spider Structurs Trussing solutions from FCW

Check out our brand new range of Spider Structures Trussing!


Flightcase Warehouse is pleased to announce our brand new range of Spider Structures Trussing Solutions We have used our expertise to design and construct our own range of Trussing components, ranging from a complete package to individual components. This allows you to create a trussing solution that perfectly matches your requirements without breaking the bank.

So, why should you use Spider Trussing?

Our mobile  all in one trussing system designed to create a variety of displays and support configurations. The truss is not only lightweight but easy to assemble with its Unique and patent pending rotating spigot system. Adjustable support bars with rotating spigots allow this system to connect at various angles without the need for custom corners

 This gives the application complete flexibility so that you can customise the size, height and what accessories are needed for the truss depending on its use. For example, you might need two completely different layouts for a DJ platform compared to a Trade show stand – Spider Structuring allows for this flexibility and is easy to change.

Spider All in one mobile trussing Kit

  • 2 x 2mt 8" square truss section
  • 4 x 1.5m 8" square truss section
  • 2 x 12" x 48" Base plate with Spigots
  • 4 x Adjustable T Support bar
  • 8 x Adjustable support bar
  • All Pins and clips included
  • 1 x Flightcase

See the Spider Trussing Kits

To see what Trussing products are available, you can browse through the links below to view and buy online:

Spider trussing Kits

View our complete range of Trussing options  we have to offer.

Posted by: Steve on November 2nd, 2011

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