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Equestrian sports; where to start

There is such a wide variety of sports available to play these days that it can be overwhelming when you want to get into a new hobby. When you add equestrian sports into the equation though, beginners can be completely thrown off the trail. Here is a quick guide for those who want to be more involved with equestrian sports, but haven’t a clue where to begin.

The first thing any beginner needs to learn are the basics. Just a quick google search on things like horse riding clubs or groups near you that can accommodate and teach you how to begin to ride. Some of these clubs will be able to provide you with the safety essentials like body armour and a helmet, although if you are serious about your commitment, it’s always a good idea to buy equipment that is adjusted and perfect for you.

 Nobody needs to own their own horse to begin to ride, but it is the specialist training and experience that will see you paired with the right mount that will earn you the best results. Anybody can learn to ride a horse, with many different options available to all enthusiasts regardless of age or disability.

Once you are familiar with riding, you may want to move into a specialised area of equestrian sport. Dressage for example, may not be the highest speed of events, but it certainly is the most technical. With the riders and horses both judged equally on things such as rhythm, harmony and even things like the colour of your hat! Dressage is an incredibly competitive sport, and is prominently featured in the Olympics during the Grand Prix, as well as in the Paralympics as Para-Equestrian Dressage.

Para Equestrian Dressage is ridden in exactly the same way as its able-bodied equivalent, with only the complexity and intricacy of the course modified based on the participants classification of their impairment. A good place to get started, and to learn more about how to compete in Dressage is through British Dressage, the main controlling body of all Dressage events.

Another popular equestrian sport that everyone should be familiar with is Show Jumping. Show Jumping is a staple at the Olympics, as well as many other equestrian events, and the premise is very simple; ride your horse around the course jumping over obstacles in the fastest time, with time penalisations received for any obstacle hit. Show Jumping is an incredibly popular sport, with different levels of difficulty available to literally anybody who wants to participate (like dressage, disability is not an issue).

Your local riding club should be able to help you learn, and even point you in the direction of some competitions to get you started! Alternatively, visit British Showjumping for more information, the official site of all things show jumping.

These are just a few examples of equestrian sports available to compete in, there are so many more to choose from and enjoy. Horse riding is an activity anybody can enjoy; from children to adults, at any level of competency or disability, it’s an incredibly inclusive activity. Contact your local Horse Riding club or group near you today to start, or visit The British Horse-riding Authority website to search for group’s local to you.

Remember, Flightcase Warehouse have a range of different products available for the equestrian enthusiast, including bespoke options to fit your every need. Any size you need we can create; in the past we have made huge models with built in wardrobes for both horse and rider, to protect all the Dressage accessories that need to be taken on the road!

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Event Schedule

We here at Flightcase Warehouse have got a really busy event schedule, and we wanted to take a moment to talk about the various different shows we will be exhibiting at in 2017!

Fresh from the amazing PLASA focus show in Glasgow, we are headed to ISE Europe from the 7th-10th February. It will be held at the RIA in Amsterdam, so you can imagine how excited we are to be participating amongst so many different brilliant contributors to the industry. With the show featuring a Drone Arena that promises to demonstrate the latest applications and technologies within drones (and how they can be applied best within the industry), as well as a special Russian Market Event that will provide in depth information on how to expand into Russian export market. ISE is going to be a very interesting and rewarding event!

The following month we shall be attending the Event Production Show at the Olympia in London. Taking place on the 1st and 2nd of March. The Event Production Show is ‘the leading event for the U.K’s live event sector’. We are proud to be included on such an impressive list of exhibitors, who all contribute a great deal to the production world. We are also anticipating some very interesting presentations on subjects such as event security, future event trends and even upcoming technology that is going to reshape the Event Production landscape.

In April, we are going to take part in Musikmesse, at the Messe Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt, Germany. Musikmesse is going to be on from the fifth to the 5th-8th, and promises to be a very inspiring weekend. Musikmesse is a gigantic international trade fair for musical instruments and music production (amongst many other areas of the music industry), and our flight cases will be on display amongst some of the most prestigious names in music! As well as the exhibitors, Musikmesse promises a range of concerts and events, including specially designed guitar and drum arenas, where you are encouraged to try out new products and can receive master class sessions from renowned musicians.

The 9th-10th of May sees us exhibit for one of our favourite organisations PLASA, this time at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. PLASA events are always a pleasure to attend, and if our time with PLASA taught us anything it’s that we can expect not only fantastic settings and company from other exhibitors, but also a very warm reception, with incredible feedback on our products from those in attendance. PLASA also boast a diverse range of seminars (Glasgow was packed out) and the Riggers Forum, which always offers helpful information and news. We exhibit again from the 17th until the 19th of September with PLASA at their show at the Olympia in London.

Flightcase Warehouse will be present at the Showman’s Show at the Newbury Showgrounds in Berkshire, on the 18th and 19th of October, which is a brilliant, expansive show featuring a huge variety of exhibitors all involved in Outdoor Events. It promises to be a great exhibit and we can’t wait for more details to be announced on its seminars and events!

Autumn will see us at BPM Pro also, at the NEC on the 22nd and the 23rd October. Boasting the best in DJ and Studio Sound and Lighting, news and innovations, we are incredibly proud to be exhibiting alongside these professionals, and are looking forward to more details being announced as the show gets closer! We had a very successful 2016 show, and hope to repeat it this year!

This was just a quick rundown of the trade shows and events that Flightcase Warehouse are going to be a part of, so if you require any more information, want to schedule a meeting at an event or want to learn more about our diverse range of protective cases and equipment, feel free to call us on     
0800 612 7097 or email

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Event Production Show

EPS is upon us, and we here at Flightcase Warehouse wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our fellow exhibitors here at the show that have impressed us with what they brought along

ADI T.V Stand OS3
ADI TV are a company that continue to amaze us with their innovative outlook and approach to huge, event scale LED screens. From creation to installation, ADI are consummate professionals, with their products being incorporated in some of the largest events that Britain (and many overseas countries) hold, such as film premiers, music festivals and concerts, and a huge variety of sporting events, including the World Gymnastics Championships, the Silverstone Formula One GP and the Six Nations contest. Boasting that they are the home of the world’s largest mobile LED screens, they are a red letter name to keep in mind when it comes to broadcasting your event to a massive audience.

2) SRD Group. Stand E11E
The SRD Group are a company at the forefront of supplying and managing the production elements of events, with over twenty years’ worth of experience under their belt. Providing everything from A.V, sound services, staging and lighting, the SRD group are a multi-talented company who have a solid handle on what they do. They have an impressive history as well, with their previous events even including the launch of the Ferrari F430 and a host of awards shows. 

3) MJ Lights Stand F12E 
MJ Lights are a Cardiff based production service that specialise in event lighting, with ‘over 130 moving lights, 250 LED Based Fixtures, 300m of trussing, a huge range of generic lanterns together with the latest control equipment and wireless lighting technology.’ They have an impressive list of previous events as well, with Ellie Goulding, Funeral for a Friend and Adam Ant amongst their previous collaborations. Their services don’t stop here though, with their expertise extending to exhibitions, television and even film. They also offer bespoke services, which is a fantastic option for everyone in the event production industry, because it means you can get exactly what you need.  

4) Stagecraft U.K. Stand B44E
Another event production company, StagecraftUK are responsible for putting together events such as the Pro Retail 2016 Trade Show, the NAPFM Conference and Insomnia 59, the U.K’s largest gaming festival. They have over 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry and show no signs of slowing down, rolling out new departments such as their ‘Dry Hire’ service. They are based in Telford,        and own an 18,000 square foot warehouse filled with their own production equipment, which is very impressive indeed! 

5) Arcstream Stand F18E
Arcstream are a company that strive to keep themselves at the cutting edge of Audio Visual and Sensory experiences. They can boast of collaborations with incredibly high profile clients, such as Coca Cola and Sony, and with the MD having 30 years of experience within the industry, it’s not hard to guess why. Their equipment roster is as equally impressive as their prestigious clients, with holographic displays, interactive walls, floors and tables, and even VR options available to clients. Based in Surrey, Arcstream are a company that are certainly worth watching, if only to see how they harness the latest technology for better events.

This year’s Event Production Show is happening between March 1st and 2nd at the Olympia, London – we hope to see you here! Interested in purchasing flight cases or want to get more information on what we do here at Flightcase Warehouse? Click for our off the shelf cases or for our bespoke, custom made service. 

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