The Full Package at PLASA Focus Leeds

Next week is the 10th anniversary PLASA Focus Leeds show, the premier event for live entertainment technology in the North of England and an expo staple for professionals working in audio, lighting, AV, rigging and staging. The Flightcase Warehouse team will be exhibiting alongside an impressive line-up of fellow industry brands and you can visit us at Stand N-B06 to check out our leading range of tailor-made flight cases, our latest bespoke creations and get all the advice you need when it comes to protecting your kit. There’s a ream of reasons to visit – read on to get yourself prepped!

Exhibitor Halls:

PLASA Focus Leeds takes over the Royal Armouries and is packed with exhibitors. In the Royal Armouries Hall alone you can expect to see the likes of Stage Electrics, Bose, Chauvet, Sennheiser, Shure and Technical Sponsor Hawthorne, along with tonnes of other fantastic industry names – all of whom will be showcasing their latest tech. You can also catch amazing demos and with some brands, even test out equipment capabilities for yourself. Next door in the New Dock Hall you can stop at stands for players including White Light, Prolight and Martin Audio, as well as saying hello to us, Flightcase Warehouse.

Seminar Programmes:

A massive benefit of visiting PLASA Focus Leeds is the access you get to a comprehensive, creative and inclusive seminar programme, helping members, exhibitors and visitors keep abreast with exciting developments and anticipate future trends. Highlights are set to include ABTT’s piece on technical standards in entertainment, which will cover how performance is married with safety, Harman and Sound Technology’s joint presentation exploring ideas around creative, collaborative lighting design, and a number of specific training sessions.

Convenient Extra:

Although a smaller cousin of PLASA’s flagship London show, being staged in the vibrant Clarence Dock area of the city means the Focus Leeds event is inevitably well-serviced by surrounding bars, restaurants and hotels. The venue is also easily accessible by bus, train or road so is ideal for both an overnight stay and a whistle-stop few hours networking.

If you’re heading to the event, make sure to work a stop at the Flightcase Warehouse stand (N-B06) into your itinerary – we’d love to hear about your business, your protection challenges and how we can work together to ease these pressures. Can’t make it? Just call 01827 60009 or email for a quote or support.

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Product Launches from Prolight + Sound Frankfurt

The Prolight + Sound, Messe Frankfurt show is a behemoth of an event and an absolute staple for those of you working in the professional entertainment, technology, audio-visual and lighting and sound industries – Flightcase Warehouse included! This year, a number of our team headed over to Germany to check out what innovations were on offer, and to get an insight into what we can expect to make waves as we head further into 2018. Read on for just a handful of the brilliant demos we were fortunate enough to experience whilst we were at Prolight + Sound. We’d love to hear what your favourite display was too.

D&B Audiotechnik’s Soundscape

This revolutionary technology allows audio engineers to emulate acoustics of different rooms, increase signal matrix processor capabilities and even enable multidimensional sound source placement. These impressive competencies make for a sound system that bridges the gap between audio engineering and creative space setup, permitting audio engineers to better align their levels and mixes to the demands of specific performances. Read more about the product launch here:

Real Time Tracking by CAST

The BlackTrax real-time tracking software was demo’ d live at Prolight + Sound to great effect. A performer interacted with a projected environment upon a wall, which responded to movements in real time and with realistic effects. Executed on a small scale at the show, it’s hard to ignore the implications for future use. When connected to sound, lighting or even AV software, this real-time interactivity allows for precise robotic light tracking, audio cues or stunning visual statements that provide greater levels of interaction – the perfect way to engage audiences at events, expos or in showrooms. Read more here:

Optocore’s Festival Box

Don’t be fooled - although not making the same visual impact as some of Prolight + Sound’s other demos, Optocore’s new Festival Box offering is really fantastic and went down a treat with audiences. The brand’s Festival Box allows for several different protocols and consoles to be run through and connected to a stage box via just one fibre cable. Eliminating a significant amount of cabling, the technology’s moniker was inspired by its potential in the world if festivals, where it’s essential for sound engineers to use countless consoles run through numerous protocols, to multiple stages – all under the pressures native to such a hectic outdoor environment. Read more:

Hypvervsn by Kino.Mo

Something that not too recently many of us considered simply a Sci-Fi hallmark, or tech pipe dream to be realised in the distant future, 3D hologramming is now a current-day reality with a growing fan base of business users. During Prolight + Sound, Kino.Mo presented their take on the technology with their 3D holographic projector which is able to project your own uploaded images (providing your picture has an entirely 3D render). Projectors of this capability are being adopted at increasing rates in sectors such as gaming, education and retail, and with displays as impressive as Kino.Mo’s, we wouldn’t be surprised to see further update across a much wider range of industries. Read more here:

To find the perfect solution to protecting your value equipment, get in touch with Flightcase Warehouse. We have a fantastic range of off the shelf products available with next day delivery, and also create totally bespoke protective kit to your exact specification, Just call 01827 60009 or email to speak to our team

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Does equipment hire business success rest on auditing

The team at Flightcase Warehouse are acutely aware of the challenges that our customers in the equipment hiring industry face. Whether rigging, trussing, staging, broadcasting, lighting, sound, audio visual – the list of affected sectors goes on – fast-paced stock turnaround and distribution is at the heart of the hiring service. We understand that those of you active in hire need the equipment that drives your revenue travel-ready at any given moment, and you need to be confident that it remains in top condition.

Inspired by stories shared by our customers, this week we look into the three key ways that hiring professionals can overcome obstacles and create a climate for growth.

1)    Deliver unbeatable customer service by harnessing trust

We’re told that a driving force behind a customer’s decision to hire out equipment rather than purchase it outright is that of lower upfront cost. Customers might only need equipment once or twice a year, or the cash flow challenges in their business might mean putting down a lump sum is out of the question. Therefore, when price points become less of a debatable factor, customer service becomes all the more import to attract, retain, and generate more revenue from your hire-dependent customers.

This means that no matter your sector, you need to offer a reliable, added-value service. On top of delivering a friendly and professional experience, go the extra mile to ensure customers see you as their trusted, go to contact. Think offering the latest products and the highest quality protective cases during transit (so your customers know they’re getting the very best value with minimal risk, taking the sting out of hiring costs).

2)    Remain conscious of your hire equipment product lifespan

Although some brands have a reputation for kit that just keeps on going and going, it’s a fact that constant wear and tear doesn’t discriminate, and at some point, the equipment that you charge out for hire will reach the end of its lifespan. By regularly checking and testing your equipment, you’ll be able to map a lifecycle for each and every product you make money from, and in turn factor into your budgeting and bottom line costs. However, purchasing replacements and ordering in the latest technology is unavoidable – and we’re sure you want to make sure you’re maximising these investments.

The very nature of the equipment hire industry means that product travel is inevitable (and at a much more frequent rate than your average company) and constant manhandling also comes with the gig. Therefore, flight cases are usually central to your operation and should be planned and purchased in line with any new products you offer or intend to introduce, guaranteeing ultimate protection and the highest possible ROI from day one. With Flightcase Warehouse, you can even get cases made especially for the latest product launches, or an entirely bespoke case if your hiring company has a niche.

3)    Audit everything that business success rests on

Any reputable equipment hire company will be auditing their kit regularly. It’s an absolute given and the pinnacle of good service and strong business model rests on being able to guarantee quality and added-value when delivering a lease-mentality offering. However – how often do you consider your protective kit when you undertake your audit?

These cases are the vessels that protect your equipment - defending you from incurring unnecessary damage costs, bearing the brunt of loss of business due to poor service and ensuring your expensive purchases perform to throughout their full product lifespan. If you’re not already doing so, why not book in a flight case audit the next time you look at your stock? Flightcase Warehouse can visit your UK site and perform a full audit in just 3 working days from you getting in touch, so don’t worry if your need is urgent.

If you work in equipment hire, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help your business with its flight case solutions. Flightcase Warehouse works with a wide range of industry sectors including audio visual, lighting and sound, events, production, broadcasting, rigging, trussing, entertainment technology, motorsport and many more. We have a wide range of off the shelf products (including those tailor-made to popular products for immediate order), and can also build entirely custom flight cases if your business has an individual need. To get in touch please call 01827 60009 or email 

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